Leading private equity firm, Hg, installs 2 TopBrewer Pro series to deliver a safe, personalised coffee experience for staff and visitors.

Future-proofing the office

Safety is key

Top quality coffee

First-class design

Wellbeing for all

Future-proofing the office

Hg invests in its future with TopBrewer 

Back in early 2020, when much of the globe went into lockdown and when most of us started working from home, Hg made the decision to plan for the future and enhance their London HQ for their employees’ eventual return. The private equity firm chose to reconfigure the office, removing around 30% of desks and investing in the facilities to ensure the post-Covid return to work would be as smooth as possible. Hg chose to install 2 TopBrewer Pro series to deliver a touchless, barista-quality coffee experience for their staff.

Key facts

  • Workplace 
  • Investment Firm
  • London, UK 
  • 280 staff 
  • 2 TopBrewers 
  • Kitchen, coffee point 
  • Coffee, hot chocolate water
  • Two types of milk offered, including dairy-free alternatives

The design is beautiful, but more importantly the coffee is fantastic.

Facilities Manager, Hg

Safety is key

Covid-19 is set to be part of our lives for a while, so when Hg redesigned their space, they knew it was important to ensure safety and hygiene took priority. From light switches and lift buttons to the office coffee machine, the modern workplace has many shared touchpoints, and whilst most coffee machines rely on users touching several shared buttons to brew their drink, TopBrewer drinks can be made completely touch-free. 

Hg employees are able to download the TopBrewer app to their personal device and customise their drink without needing to touch any shared surfaces. Apple users are even able to add a Siri shortcut, meaning they can order using only their voice. Employee safety and comfort was central to the Hg office redesign, so the ability to offer a touch-free drink solution was an important consideration in the choice to install TopBrewer.

It’s great that the TopBrewer App allows the team to customise their drink.

Latte being made with Siri voice control on the TopBrewer coffee tap at the Hg London office

Hg designed a space that prioritises health and safety

TopBrewer drinks can be ordered completely touch-free using app- or voice-control

TopBrewer also dispenses steaming hot water for tea lovers

Top quality coffee

The Leesman Index found that office workers view refreshment and coffee facilities as the third most important feature in the workplace, behind only a desk and chair, and the Hg team is no different! For a team of coffee lovers, a barista-quality coffee experience had to be a vital consideration in the design process. 

TopBrewer’s unique design was what piqued the interest of the Hg team, but they knew it couldn’t be style over substance - the coffee had to be top quality.

Our team absolutely love the coffee, the feedback has been superb!

TopBrewer looks fantastic and the design provides such a visual impact.

First-class design

After seeing and experiencing TopBrewer at a different location in London, Hg decided to invest in two TopBrewer Pro series for their space, with one machine installed in the main kitchen breakout area, and a second machine at the other side of the office in a coffee point to ensure the whole team has access to great coffee throughout the day. 

TopBrewer’s sleek design matched the minimal and stylish offices perfectly, allowing Hg to offer a premium drinks solution for staff without compromising on aesthetics or design.

TopBrewer’s design complemented the office perfectly, it looks so much better than the big and bulky tabletop machines.

Wellbeing for all

With nearly 300 employees to cater for, it was important to invest in a premium drinks solution that would cater to all tastes. TopBrewer offers a wide menu of drinks, including steaming water for tea drinkers, and each drink can be completely personalised to meet the individual’s exact taste. We all have different tastes, so why would we all like the exact same coffee? Hg also chose to add the luxury hot chocolate module and upgrade to the TopBrewer Dual-Milk Fridge, meaning that they are able to offer two different types of milk, including non-dairy alternatives such as soy or almond milk.

Key features 

  • Barista-quality, personalised coffee 
  • Two types of milk
  • Steaming hot water for tea 
  • Luxury hot chocolate 
  • Touchless operation including voice control 
  • Automatic cleaning throughout the day 
  • CoffeeCloud management system 

Being able to offer something for non-dairy drinkers by upgrading to the TopBrewer Dual-Milk Fridge was a really important consideration for us.

How does your coffee offering compare?

Contact us now to book your demo and find out more about how TopBrewer can revolutionise your workspace.



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