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Seen as a combination of a hotel with the set up of student accommodation, co-living presents the concept of co-living to a new workforce who choose a different way of living.

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Smart Coffee Machines for Co-living Communities

Corporate society is changing. Traditional practises are being disrupted by co-working and co-living spaces. Co-living facilities are becoming increasingly popular as technology enables people to work remotely, with the prospect of working within a community of similar minded people with endless possibilities for networking.

Whether it be in a kitchen or a community space, a premium coffee machine can help establish a significant hotspot for human interaction in co-living spaces. This can make all the difference to the co-living space environment and the wellbeing of residents.

AmTrust offices, colleagues enjoying a TopBrewer coffee

A premium and personalised coffee experience

Brew your coffee with your personal phone

We got a sustainable and commercial solution that provides premium coffee at minimal cost to members through the integrated payment system.

Tom Foster, Director at Venture X UK & Ireland

Connect. Pay. Brew.

With TopBrewer, we have enabled optional contactless payment through ScanomatPAY with the ability to pay via credit/debit card or smart device through ApplePay and GooglePay. Providing a first-class premium, speciality beverage experience that is completely self-service and economically viable has never been simpler with payments being processed securely online.

TopBrewer with payment, showing a card being used at Uncle Co-living in Southall

High-end coffee machine for co-living spaces

Help yourself to great coffee on tap

Why TopBrewer is a good investment for co-living spaces

TopBrewer speed and quality

Be the Barista

Customise your coffee to your exact taste. Choose your coffee and milk, then adjust using the sliders in the app. The TopBrewer brews fresh coffee without compromising on quality.

TopBrewer contactless coffee

Touchless control

By using the TopBrewer app you can customise and brew your favourite drink without touching the machine. Create a safe, reassuring environment with touchless ordering and optional contactless payment.

Future proof

Regular over the air updates keep your machine upgraded with the latest advancements in technology. Why invest multiple times in inflexible assets that degrade over time when you can invest in a dynamic, future-proof asset once?

Sustainable design

TopBrewer is constructed with recyclable, high-quality stainless steel and aluminium. The tamper pressure is adjusted precisely before brewing to ensure an accurate brew time. At the same time, our specially developed eco-friendly flash heating technology heats fresh water to the perfect temperature faster than you can press the espresso button.

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Co-living Community

Far from the more conventional shared living spaces, co-living is a modern form of communal living in which residents get a private bedroom in a furnished building with shared common areas with enough social space to provide progressive, barista-quality coffee for residents. The co-living movement is popular in major cities as a means of affordable living for students, workers, entrepreneurs or individuals relocating. Unlike traditional apartments, co-living tends to be attractive to tenants due to affordability, flexibility, included amenities, and a sense of community. A high-end, strategically-placed coffee machine offers a simple yet effective way of building relationships between residents, allowing them to chat and socialise in a relaxed and informal way as they enjoy a coffee.

Never underestimate the power of great coffee

Coffee makes connections grow

Drinks solutions for co-living spaces


TopBrewer IDRC Side View Steam
The TopBrewer offers customisable barista quality coffee to be integrated seamlessly in the Co-living space and can be operated touch-free.
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TopWater by Scanomat
Get freshly filtered and sparkling water with TopWater to keep your Co-living residents hydrated and reduce plastic waste.
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Juice, flavoured water, with and without sparkles. TopJuicer is your complete soft drinks solution and promotes wellbeing within your Co-living space.
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Minimal yet mighty. TopBrewer Compact.

One of the biggest advantages of the TopBrewer Compact is that you can deliver a huge range of hot and cold drink options from a single dispense point. One stylish swan neck can provide your residents with fresh bean coffee, hot chocolate, hot water, dual milk, chilled water and sparkling water. The smaller of the two TopBrewer models, TopBrewer Compact can easily cater for up to 50 users per day making it the perfect coffee solution for residential spaces.

Hot and cold

TopBrewer delivers on all levels

TopBrewer in co-working space with hidden installation

Co-living productivity spaces

Overall, 28% of employers report that an increase in home working has boosted productivity, while 37% say it has not impacted productivity levels. People who live and work in mixed co-living spaces tend to have similar priorities and work ethics. As a result, co-living/co-workers can often achieve great things and strive to conquer their objectives. This culminates in a dynamic community offering to share and learn from each another to strive for success in their respected careers. Members of co-living spaces are self-motivated individuals who enjoy both the freedom of working remotely in addition to the strength of being surrounded by a supportive community. Companies that provide mixed-use co-living spaces understand the need of creating diverse surroundings that encourage a healthy balance of work and enjoyment.

Boost productivity with coffee

Create a healthy work/life balance

Our customers include

Co-living technology

Technology plays a key role within the world of co-living. Technology is used in co-living environments to personalise and improve residents’ living experiences. Technology has also become frequently used to expand security in co-living spaces, with digital check-ins and smart locks becoming standard features. Providing a smart bluetooth-enabled coffee machine for residents enables them to use their own personal device to make their coffee. Giving them the freedom to personalise their beverage experience and save their favourite drink so that it really feels like home.

Image showing TopBrewer app on customisation screen with TopBrewer and TopWater in the background

Personalise the coffee experience

Go touchless with the TopBrewer app

Easy management


Receive notifications to refill the coffee beans or empty the dregs bin.


Analyse data and trends with CoffeeCloud.

TopBrewer cleans automaticly

Automatic cleaning

The brewer cleans automatically throughout the day.

Proactive support

We work with you to minimise downtime.

Close up of TopBrewer with bag of Amokka Peru coffee beans

Environmental benefits of co-living

Research shows that one of the essential benefits of co-living spaces is the environmental value. Add in the fact that living in community enables the decline in waste and consumption through the sharing of space and resources, and it becomes a very attractive proposition. Social and economic values are key for many young people within society. At Scanomat, we are constantly innovating and striving to give our users the most efficient possible experience so they are always in touch with their sustainable lifestyle. TopBrewer is built with longevity in mind to avoid the need to frequently replace coffee equipment. In addition, our coffee is sustainably sourced direct from our partner farms and fully traceable.

Designed to be resilient and long-standing using recyclable materials

TopBrewer delivers on sustainability

Image showing TopBrewer app on customisation screen with TopBrewer and TopWater in the background

World-class service

With CoffeeCloud, our advanced digital platform for TopBrewer management, you can receive notifications to keep your coffee machines operational at all times and improve efficiency. Get a real-time overview of drinks consumption and trends. Check the health status of your machines and see when they were last cleaned. With CoffeeCloud, our proactive team of service engineers can sometimes predict a service call before it has happened, make remote adjustments or phone fix to provide minimal downtime and prevent unnecessary visits to keep the coffee flowing.

The smart way to manage your coffee machine

Sign up to CoffeeCloud to access real-time insights

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