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Offer your customers a coffee experience that is as exclusive as your store.

TopBrewer black swan neck

Innovative Coffee Machines for Stores and Boutiques

Café quality coffee on tap without any of the bulk or mess of a traditional automatic coffee machine ruining the design of your store or sales space. Create an experience sure to impress even the most discerning customer by providing them with a great tasting coffee and giving them even more reason to stay in your store.

TopBrewer creates a talking point while seamlessly integrating with your interior design. We can even add your logo to the elegant swan neck tap or on the drip tray for an extra touch of exclusivity.

Self-cleaning, low maintenance and handy notifications if beans or milk are running low makes for much less hassle than traditional coffee machines. The machine is easy to set up and ready to go in just 45 seconds, leaving your team free to do what they do best.

Amokka Cafe Express Lane Grab and go

Intuitive self service

The intuitive self service iPad interface means customers can even enjoy creating their own customised drinks.

All you have to wait for is the “WOW” from first time customers

Kristaps Otisons, My Home Bakery

Professional touch

Free pour your own latte art with silky smooth milk foam.

Bakery serving automated barista coffee

Brew a barista-quality coffee while serving the customer. Just order.

Perfect for retail

TopBrewer speed and quality

Barista coffee

The TopBrewer brews coffee without compromising on quality. Due to its ultra-fast grinders and brew unit mechanics, recovery time between cups is second to none.

Contactless payment

Integrated payment options available for self-service at an express coffee fast lane.

TopBrewer Personal order control


Adjust the coffee to your customers taste using the sliders for the ultimate barista experience.

TopBrewer cleans automaticly

Automatic cleaning

The brewer cleans automatically throughout the day. The fresh milk lines are flushed after every brew, leaving no residue on the inside, minimising the use of chemicals and shortening the daily cleaning routine.

Retail drink solutions


TopBrewer macchiato with silky milkfoam
The TopBrewer delivers barista coffee quality touchless to be integrated seamlessly in the office.
TopWater by Scanomat
Get freshly filtered and sparkling water with TopWater to keep your customers hydrated.
Juice, flavoured water, with and without sparkles. TopJuicer offers many choices.

Track sales on the cloud

Stay in control with advanced cloud management for your Scanomat machines. With free access to CoffeeCloud, you get a digital overview of performance, trends, cleaning schedules and operational alerts.

CoffeeCloud by Scanomat

Remote digital management

Get access to insights and trends at your fingertips

Our customers include

Maximum output with TopBrewer Pro

One of the biggest advantages of the TopBrewer Pro is that you can deliver a huge range of hot and cold drink options from a single, dispense point. One stylish swan neck can provide your staff and visitors with fresh bean coffee, hot chocolate, steaming hot water, dual milk, chilled water and sparkling water. No other coffee machine can deliver as much choice in such a minimal footprint.

Hot and cold

TopBrewer delivers on all levels

Amokka cafe Branded Bag And Cup

Professional touch

Our Amokka® Coffee brand.

Engage with your customers and not the machine

Brew a barista-quality coffee while serving the customer. Just order.

Amokka cafe barista service
TopBrewer brewing a coffee

Let's innovate and disrupt together!

Contact us to take your coffee business to the next level. Let us help you create a memorable destination to grow your business.

Lets find the perfect coffee machine for your store

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