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Sustainable commercial coffee, water and juice solutions for a healthy planet

TopBrewer black coffee with Amokka Coffee

Download Scanomat Sustainability Report

Our 2023 Sustainability Report outlines our sustainability vision at Scanomat and how we are aligning with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as part of our corporate values and strategy. The UN has outlined 17 SDG's which make it clear that immediate and drastic climate action is required and highlights the indisputable link between climate change and human activity.

At Scanomat, we have the expertise and commitment to make a positive impact, and our technology is opening up new possibilities to pioneer long-term sustainability and longevity. As a global coffee machine manufacturer and coffee roaster, addressing climate change is core to our strategy both now and in the future. We have strong relationships with our coffee farmers and strive to make a positive impact on their livelihoods.

The TopBrewer ticked all the boxes for us from a CSR perspective

Linda Anderson, Facilities Manager for Beazley Group

Durable commercial coffee machines. Built to last longer.

Our mission is to lead the way in smart and connected coffee machines. Our customers receive regular, FREE over-the-air software and firmware updates direct to their machine/s. This means that all our customers can be guaranteed the same experience, whether their machine was installed 8 years ago or 8 days ago. It also means that your coffee machine or juice machine will continue to be updated to the newest software as time goes on, future-proofing your investment and avoiding the need to buy new equipment. We are constantly innovating and striving to give our clients the best possible experience so you are never left behind.

Reducing commercial coffee machine e-waste

Globally, we throw away 50 million tonnes of e-waste each year, which is often sent straight to landfill. Our solutions are designed to buck the trend of releasing coffee machines with an inbuilt obsolescence. The rate at which technology is evolving means many traditional bean-to-cup coffee machines are out of date almost as soon as they are installed. That’s not the way we think. We believe in investing in a dynamic, future proof asset once that will grow with your business.

Energy saving commercial coffee machines


Energy saving

Recycled materials

Reduce plastic

Energy saving coffee machines

We encourage our clients to use the TopBrewer power-saving mode as, unlike most other bean-to-cup machines, there is no hot water tank to keep warm. In power-saving mode, TopBrewer has a very low 7-watt energy consumption, and the inbuilt scheduling tool means system operators can set a timer to automatically switch to standby mode in quiet periods. But don’t worry, your coffee machine is back up to operating temperature in just 45 seconds, so you won’t be waiting around for your morning coffee!

Eco-friendly coffee solutions

We believe that we all have a part to play in maintaining our planet for future generations, and we are committed to producing energy-efficient coffee machines that are less harmful to the environment. In doing so we strive to help our clients meet their own sustainability goals.

The world’s most sustainable coffee machine

BBRE The White Building - TopBrewer Close Up

Flash-heater technology

Unlike most conventional coffee machines, TopBrewer does not have a hot water boiler. Instead, freshly filtered water is flash-heated for each drink. Not only does this mean there is no boiler continuously heating water and wasting energy, it also improves the quality and taste of the drinks and gives individual temperature control of hot water, brew water and steam.

No annual PSSR Test

Our flash heater technology saves you 800-1000 Euro per year per machine on annual PSSR tests. Flash heated, fresh water means better tasting coffee that’s kinder to the planet. 

Recycled steel

TopBrewer is manufactured mainly from steel, which is the most recycled material in the world. We use as much recycled steel as possible in our manufacturing process. Using recycled steel saves 80% CO2 emissions and 75% of the energy used to create steel from raw materials. Steel’s ability to be infinitely recycled without loss of strength or durability is part of the reason we chose it for TopBrewer, as it means we can be confident that the materials we are using will be recycled in the future.

TopBrewer is designed and build at Scanomat in Denmark

Built to be durable and long-lasting using recyclable materials

TopBrewer stood out as an eco-friendly coffee machine with lots of smart energy-saving features.

Atul Bansal, Sheila Bird Group

Reduce single use coffee cups

It's estimated that a staggering 2.5 billion single-use coffee cups are disposed of each year in the UK, and up to 200 million a year in Ireland. Ensuring employees have access to fresh coffee, and either mugs or reusable cups, in the workplace will mean they don't need to grab a coffee in a single-use cup on their way to the office each day, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of their coffee consumption.

Reduce single-use plastics

Dispense pure water and juices on site to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bottles. Reduce your carbon footprint with TopJuicer and TopWater and help eliminate single-use plastics and the transportation of bottled soft drinks. 

TopBrewer and TopWater at Adobe in London

A single unit for coffee and water

Configure your TopBrewer to serve chilled still, sparkling and steaming water from the same swan neck as your other hot beverages, saving on additional equipment and waste by combining all drinks units in one minimal system. TopBrewer is the only coffee machine in the world to also serve still and sparkling water, making it an efficient solution for your business.

Dairy-free with dual milk

Dairy-free milk alternatives have been increasing in popularity in recent years as a healthier and more sustainable choice as more consumers choose a plant-based diet.  With the TopBrewer dual milk fridge create an inclusive environment and cater to all tastes and dietary requirements, whilst also providing an eco-friendly alternative to dairy products.

No harmful milk cleaning chemicals

The removal of chemicals from our cleaning process is not only beneficial to the environment but is also a cost saving to you. TopBrewer milk lines are flushed after every drink for ultimate hygiene. 

Two billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day

Ethically sourced coffee beans

Through our Impact Trade initiative, we work with our partner coffee farms and cooperatives throughout the world to build meaningful relationships and to positively impact the local communities. This is done through investment in a huge variety of community and local projects, from improving local infrastructure to funding school and sport projects and more. We also pay above market price for our coffee as a given.

Cafenor coffee farmer with bag of coffee cherries
TopBrewer brewing a coffee

A sustainable alternative to coffee capsules and pods

Globally, it is estimated that over 59 billion coffee capsules are produced every year and sadly the majority of those (95%) will end up in landfill. The biggest problem is that generally, pods are not accepted by local recycling collections. The reality is that there is still a long way to go and consumers are left confused about what to do with the capsules. Switching to a bean-to-cup coffee machine with dual grinder and dual milk like TopBrewer is a great alternative to capsules, providing freshly-brewed coffee, without compromising on choice, personalisation and convenience.

A first-class coffee experience doesn’t need to cost the Earth

Recycling BRITA water filters

We work in partnership with BRITA to recycle every used BRITA water filter that is fitted to our machines. We are committed to reducing waste.