Our coffee brewers

When we at Scanomat develop and build our coffeebrewers we seek a product that delivers the best possible coffee experience.

Fresh coffeebeans

Scanomat’s Bean 2 Cup coffee brewers serves all kinds of coffee specialties with freshly ground coffee beans.
Our unique adjustable grinding system that can compete with leading baristas.


Scanomat has reimagined the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine with its innovative under-counter design, stylish swan-neck tap and app-control technology.

Instant Coffee

We have developed automatic coffee machines that gets the best out of instant coffee. Scanomat’s automatic coffee brewers are easy to use and needs minimal cleaning.

Fresh Beans

At Amokka Roasters we love coffee and passionately seek out nothing but the best coffee beans from around the world. We pride ourselves in trading our coffee directly with farmers, investing in a sustainable future and giving us greater transparency about where our coffee comes from and how it is grown.
Our master roaster carefully roasts every batch finding the exact sweet spot where it has the best flavour and aroma. With passion and innovation, we make each bag of coffee with the best recipe and approach.

Since 1961

The Scanomat Story

Scanomat was founded in Denmark more than 50 years ago in the early sixties. The company started to operate out of a small garage and soon after, moved to an industrial area in Glostrup, Denmark where the company had its head quarters for many years.

World’s first fully automatic Cappuccino machine

In 1985 Scanomat launched the world’s first fully automatic Cappuccino machine! Since then Scanomat has been continually developing and designing new, reliable, and economical products to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of service, and the quality drinks dispensed.

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