Ethically-sourced coffee for life

Through our Impact Trade initiative, we source our coffee beans directly from carefully chosen partner farms worldwide. We work in partnership with our farms to improve coffee quality and pay above market value to support the farmers with specific projects from agricultural equipment, to earthquake relief, to school resources. With Amokka®, you have total transparency about your coffee’s journey - from bean to cup.

Ethically sourced coffee by Amokka®

Farmer picking organic coffee at Fincacarmen Cooperative, Cuzcachapa, Elsalvador

Our employees highly rate the Amokka® Coffee from the TopBrewer. The quality has encouraged staff to grab a coffee at the office rather than visiting local coffee shops, which is a great incentive for the team.

Sophie Rutter, Front of House Manager, Peldon Rose

Amokka® Coffee

Amokka® Coffee roasted for TopBrewer

From sustainable coffees to single-origin and estate to premium speciality blends, each of our Amokka® Coffees is tailored to the TopBrewer experience to meet your customers' tastes and grow your coffee business.

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TopBrewer macchiato with silky milkfoam

With our roast, we make sure the TopBrewer brews the best coffee possible.

Premium coffee roasted exclusively for TopBrewer

Amokka® Coffee is roasted by Ante Bikic, the Danish Roasting Champion 2020.

Ante Bikic - head roaster at Amokka Coffee® by Scanomat

Nothing but the best!

Amokka® Coffee is engineered especially for the TopBrewer to provide a complete 360º experience combining high-quality coffee beans and market-leading coffee machines for the ultimate coffee experience.

Amokka® Coffee by Scanomat

1 ton less plastic a year

We have reduced our coffee bean packaging to save an estimated one tonne of plastic each year! And we have reduced the space requirements for shipping our coffee boxes, produces solely from recycled paper, when delivered to Scanomat by 40%! These are just some of our sustainable approaches that contribute to helping you meet your sustainability goals.
Organic Amokka Coffee from HueHuetenango, Guatemala

Tracing your coffee

Our objective is to be the first roastery globally with transparent, digital traceability from picker to cup. Scan the dynamic QR code on your coffee bag to access data on roast, batch and origin.

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We are Nordic

Your TopBrewer deserves nothing but the highest quality Nordic coffee carefully roasted at our own roastery in Copenhagen. We combine high-quality coffee beans with Nordic roasting and brewing techniques to improve the coffee experience for your customers.
Ante Bikic - head roaster at Amokka Coffee® by Scanomat

Nordic Roasters

Roasted for TopBrewer

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