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TopBrewer is the world's most advanced super-automatic coffee machine featuring touchless control, digital management and an iconic design. Sustainably designed with recyclable materials to outlast conventional bean-to-cup equipment.
TopBrewer coffee machine operated by Siri

Sustainable. Touchless. Design-led.


TopJuicer is the most advanced touchless dispenser for still and sparkling juices, water and flavoured waters. Reduce plastic, save space and get complete digital control from a distance.
TopJuicer strawberry & kiwi

Touchless. Still and sparkling. Plastic-free.


TopWater is a premium filtered water tap that can provide an endless supply of still and sparkling pure water from one stylish unit, saving the cost of bottled water and reducing plastic waste.
TopWater by Scanomat

Still & Sparkling. Wellbeing winner. Eco-friendly.

Amokka® Coffee

From sustainable coffees to single-origin and estate to premium speciality blends, each of our Amokka® Coffees is tailored to the TopBrewer experience to meet your customers' tastes and to grow your coffee business.
Amokka® Coffee Beans

Roasted for TopBrewer. Sustainably sourced.