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Make a design statement and offer your guests a great quality coffee experience at any time of day.

TopBrewer Coffee in the lobby at Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen

Less stress, more style

Introducing premium coffee as part of your hotel bar or restaurant offer can be a great way to keep guests on-site, grow your daytime trade, and attract new professional clients. On the side, why not serve chilled sparkling water or fresh juice from the tap? Scanomat offers a full drink solution that fits into any space.

Barista service, self-service or to go?

Offer premium coffee to your customers and guests

The TopBrewer is an excellent solution. I would recommend it to any of my high-end hotel operators.

Nicholas Hollinshead, Design Director, NH Interiors

Perfect for hospitality

TopBrewer speed and quality

Barista coffee

The TopBrewer brews coffee without compromising on quality. Due to its ultra-fast grinders and brew unit mechanics, recovery time between cups is second to none.

TopBrewer Personal order control

Order control

See exactly what is being consumed and when. Reduce waste and make sure you always have the beans and milk products that people actually want available.


Set the CoffeeCloud to alert you when specific events occur by email notifications. Create your own business rules, and become proactive for excellent customer service.

TopBrewer cleans automaticly

Automatic cleaning

The brewer cleans automatically throughout the day. The fresh milk lines are flushed after every brew, leaving no residue on the inside, improving drink quality and shortening the daily cleaning routine.

Hospitality drink solutions


TopBrewer macchiato with silky milkfoam
The TopBrewer delivers barista coffee quality touchless to be integrated seamlessly in the office.
TopWater by Scanomat
Get freshly filtered and sparkling water with TopWater to keep your employees hydrated.
Juice, flavoured water, with and without sparkles. TopJuicer offers many choices.

Less downtime, more speed.

The TopBrewer makes life easy by notifying you, or the person responsible, to refill the coffee beans and other supplies when they are running low. You can monitor all your Scanomat machines in real-time with CoffeeCloud. TopBrewer automatically cleans itself after each drink without you even noticing, making sure that each drink is fresh every time and meeting your hygiene standards.
CoffeeCloud management system for TopBrewers

Total peace of mind

Remote digital management keeps coffee flowing

Our customers include

Time for guests to hydrate

Meetings and conferences are thirsty work, and it’s important to stay hydrated. Guests can head straight to the refreshment point to grab a chilled glass of filtered or sparkling water from the TopBrewer or TopWater while grabbing a coffee.
TopWater by Scanomat

Stay hydrated

A great networking opportunity to catch up on the topics of the day.

Hot and cold

Perfect for breakfast service, conferencing and guest services. TopBrewer & TopJuicer are your perfect partners for a slick, streamlined drinks solution. Less mess, less waste and less hassle. Swan necks are height adjustable to fill jugs for functions, including filter coffee, water and juices.
Hotel breakfast bar with TopJuicer and TopBrewer

Dynamic duo

TopJuicer is perfect for your breakfast service

Maximum output with TopBrewer Pro

One of the biggest advantages of the TopBrewer Pro is that you can deliver a huge range of hot and cold drink options from a single dispense point. One stylish swan neck can provide your staff and visitors with fresh bean coffee, hot chocolate, steaming hot water, dual milk, chilled water and sparkling water. No other coffee machine can deliver as much choice in such a minimal footprint.

Hot and cold

TopBrewer delivers on all levels

99% under-counter

We have turned coffee machine design on its head to focus on the customer experience, the beautiful aesthetics of specialty coffee brewing and hygiene. TopBrewer reduces shared contact points and is easy to clean and sanitise. One of the most attractive features of the TopBrewer is its ability to fit seamlessly into any workplace environment. With its innovative under-counter design, our drinks solutions bring elegance to any space.
TopBrewer as an iceberg under-counter built-in

Freedom to design

We’ve designed our machines to fit uniquely into any space.

Let's Enhance your Guest Experience

Find out why the stylish and sustainable TopBrewer is the right choice for your hospitality business. Complete your details and one of our team will be in touch.

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