Still & Sparkling. Wellbeing winner. Eco-friendly.

TopWater by Scanomat

Healthy hydration

Pure BRITA® filtered water on demand - with or without bubbles. A high capacity water solution that empowers your community to refill and hydrate. Flexible, under-counter design to fit any space with stainless steel counter mounted buttons or upgrade to touchless control.

Healthy workplace, kinder to planet

Great for wellbeing and sustainability

Still and sparkling water – plastic-free

Ditch the plastic and go bottle-less with TopWater. It’s time to tackle your carbon footprint with a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles of water. TopWater is the eco-friendly water machine for offices, hotels and commercial spaces – helping you eliminate single-use plastic in your business.

Reduce your carbon footprint with TopWater

Helping you reduce single-use plastic

Eco-friendly drinks solution

No single-use plastics

Made from recyclable materials

Future-proof asset

TopBrewer cleans automaticly

Less waste

Touchless water

It is possible with TopWater! Upgrade to our touchless water solution for a seamless app-controlled experience. A Siri enabled shortcut allows you to seamlessly order with your voice. Save your drinks to Siri Shortcuts. Log hydration to your health app.

First class service

Smart solutions that are connected on the cloud. Realtime data and proactive service to reduce carbon footprint. Stay in control with advanced cloud management. With free access to CoffeeCloud you get a digital overview of performance, trends, cleaning schedules and operational alerts for your TopWater machines.
CoffeeCloud by Scanomat

High performance

Space saving

45 litres per hour

TopBrewer cleans automaticly

Easy to clean

Carafe function

Providing hydration to

TopWater for...


A healthy workplace, better for the planet
Carafe function perfect for hospitality
Encourage a refill community

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Upgrade your office with TopWater

Want to find out more about how the stylish and sustainable TopWater is the right choice for your business? Fill in your details and one of our team will be in touch.

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