Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement

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This statement outlines Scanomat UK Limited’s approach to tackling slavery and human trafficking where it can, following the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the ‘Act’).

As part of the coffee industry, we recognise that we have a responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking. We are committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our corporate activities, and to ensuring that our supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking.


Scanomat UK Limited is a coffee solutions provider operating within client premises such as workplaces, hotels and catering sectors across the UK and Ireland. Our focus is to provide the ultimate coffee experience to our clients and end users by delivering cutting-edge equipment, sustainably-sourced Amokka® coffee beans and first class aftercare service.

Our parent company, Scanomat A/S was founded manufacturing and selling instant coffee machines to businesses over 60 years ago and is based in Kokkedal, Denmark. The Scanomat A/S business remains owned by the same family. Since then, Scanomat A/S has acquired the Danish coffee roasting business Amokka® Coffee.

Scanomat UK Limited was founded in 2010 where we have grown through different sectors. We continue to operate as a standalone entity in the UK and Ireland. We work directly with Scanomat A/S and suppliers and recognise that every entity in our supply chain has a duty to respect human rights.

The Amokka® Coffee roastery at Scanomat A/S has worked hard over the years to consolidate our supply chain and develop direct, long-term relationships with suppliers in coffee growing regions. Our pioneering commitment to sustainability through our dedicated Impact Trade initiative complements our commitment to long-term relationships with suppliers.

The contents of this statement refer solely to steps taken by Scanomat UK Limited.


We currently operate in the following countries:

1. United Kingdom

2. Ireland


In response to the Act, Scanomat UK Limited takes our responsibility as a business to prevent slavery and human trafficking extremely seriously. We have a zero tolerance approach to all forms of slavery both within our own operations and across our supply chain.


Scanomat UK’s supply chain is for the vast majority based on the coffee supplied by Scanomat A/S subsidiary brand Amokka® Coffee Roasters. Amokka® purchases the green coffee from producing countries and the finished product is manufactured in the Scanomat A/S headquarters in Denmark.

Scanomat A/S has developed “Impact Trade” which is a simple and transparent model, centered around investing in projects related to development, job creation, sustainability and education with coffee partners. The local community develops the projects themselves, thereby ensuring sustainability and co-ownership.

Impact Trade General codes of conduct:

  • Minimum 50% of payment before shipping
  • Prices way above FT and C-Market
  • Dedicated yearly grant (min. 0,20 cent/kg) with
  • an Impact project proportional to the size of contract
  • SAI platform guidelines steering us in regards to child labour, environmental impact, social sustainability, economic sustainability, schooling and education, bio-diversity and more

Another large majority of Scanomat UK’s supply chain is based on coffee machines which are manufactured at Scanomat A/S headquarters in Denmark with machine components supplied by third party suppliers. Scanomat A/S also supply Scanomat UK with a number of ancillary products such as hot chocolate and cleaning products.

The other products sold by Scanomat UK Limited come from a variety of sources, including CO2 canisters from Italy, bag-in-box juice products manufactured in the UK, and water filters supplied by BRITA®.

We recognise the importance of maintaining both visibility and transparency within our supply chain in order to continue to protect those who work within it from potential abuse and exploitation and to this end, we take great care in selecting the companies who supply us.

We remain committed to eradicating slavery and human trafficking through a combination of risk assessment, collaborative programmes, policies and activities which help us mitigate and manage the risk.


Scanomat UK Limited has adopted the following policies to the identification of modern slavery risks to prevent slavery and human trafficking in its operations:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • CSR Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy


We maintain dialogue with our suppliers to ensure that they understand and implement our high standards and they continue to comply with local legislation and regulations.

Scanomat A/S ensures that all coffee partners are accountable with the "Scanomat Development Program". The SAI platform has always been an intricate part of Scanomat’s guidelines for farmers and something they accept to fully adhere to, with reference to the platform guidelines. Our aim is for all coffee farmers to formally join the SAI platform.

Further to this, Scanomat A/S conducts visits to key coffee suppliers to help us to fully understand the local context and consider the level of risk of modern slavery.

This approach is reflected in our commitment to contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.

With the publication of our first Sustainability Report in 2021, Scanomat UK Limited has sought to embark on a journey to gradually integrate sustainability into all business activities. We identified the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are most impacted by our activities. The result is 8 “Priority Goals”, i.e. the main SDGs most relevant to the business strategy and where we feel we can contribute the most positive impact.

Priority SDGs:

Goal 1 – No Poverty
Goal 3 – Good health and well-being
Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitisation
Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth
Goal 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Goal 11 – Sustainable cities and communities
Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production
Goal 13 – Climate action

Referring to the Priority Goal 8, we focus our attention on target 8.7, which commits to take immediate and effective measure to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and prohibit and eliminate the worst forms of child labour.


Within our own operations we have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, relevant and up-to-date policies and procedures, and we provide relevant training to our employees.

We recognise that to achieve the successful implementation of any anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking policy it is vital to train and raise awareness with those employees who have the potential to come in to contact with suppliers on a regular basis. Our focus will be to continue to help the business to identify any potential risks or failures thereby driving ever greater compliance with our high standards.


This statement has been approved by Scanomat UK Limited’s Board of Directors. Scanomat UK Limited intends to review and update this statement as necessary on an annual basis.

Updated: 29 November 2023