The ultimate premium and personalised commercial coffee experience for your business.

In the TopBrewer, we could see the best combination of everything we were looking for in a coffee system.

Ceri Jones, Regional Estates Manager, Shoosmiths

The ultimate coffee experience

TopBrewer gives you everything you could need and more from a commercial coffee machine whilst saving precious counter space. Smart, consistent and reliable barista quality coffee and total customer control over the beverage.


Within the range of TopBrewer coffee solutions for business we have the TopBrewer Professional and the TopBrewer Compact models. TopBrewer Professional gives you more with two types of coffee beans, up to 400 drinks per day and steaming hot water for tea as standard.

Smart meets craft

Reimagine the coffee experience with TopBrewer

Need a coffee solution for your business?

This is why you need to invest in TopBrewer for your business

TopBrewer speed and quality

Coffee Excellence. No Compromise.

The TopBrewer is a commercial coffee machine that brews coffee without compromising on quality. Due to its ultra-fast grinders and brew unit mechanics, recovery time between cups is second to none. In addition, we roast our own coffee every day, ensuring the best and freshest coffee beans for our customers.

Sustainably designed. Built to last.

Regular over-the-air updates keep your commercial coffee machine upgraded with the latest advancements in technology. Why invest multiple times in inflexible assets that degrade over time when you can invest in a dynamic, future-proof asset once?

Minimal footprint. Maximum Performance.

The TopBrewer is the world's first under-counter coffee machine, giving you complete freedom to design a clutter-free, minimal space that is optimised for merchandising and upselling. Easy to specify and designed to fit seamlessly into a standard 600mm x 600mm cupboard.

TopBrewer contactless coffee

Intuitive User Experience. Be the Barista.

By using the TopBrewer app, you can customise and brew your favourite drink for a personalised experience. TopBrewer works with Siri voice control, Apple® Watch and has contactless payment options. That’s our version of a smarter coffee machine.

Compare our commercial coffee solutions


High performance. Dual grinders. Steaming hot water for tea. 400 drinks a day.
TopBrewer Pro - Over 50 daily users
Compact solution when space is limited. One grinder. Up to 50 daily users.
TopBrewer Compact - 1-50 daily users

Personalised Coffee Experience with App Control

Be your own barista. With remote smartphone use and voice control, the TopBrewer app creates a premium and personalised user experience. Customise your coffee just the way you like it. Save your favourite. Add to Siri shortcuts. Choice, control, and flexibility for all, including payment and integration options.

Making a great cup of coffee has never been easier, and with our innovative solution, you can make consistently great coffee. You are in complete control of your coffee experience and always up to date.

Be the barista with TopBrewer

TopBrewer contactless coffee

App control

Consistent quality

TopBrewer Personal order control

Customise drinks

Carafe function

Sustainably designed coffee solution

Helping you meet your sustainability business goals

A commercial coffee machine that is kinder to the planet. Invest once.

TopBrewer is the world’s most sustainably designed coffee machine. Built to be durable and long-lasting using recyclable stainless steel.  Free over the air updates keep your firmware up to date. Energy-saving and better for the environment to reduce your carbon footprint. No Annual PSSR Test. Future proof dynamic asset.

TopBrewer IDRC Side View Steam

Built to stand the test of time

Over the air updates keep your machine up to date

TopBrewer for your industry


TopBrewer is the perfect office coffee solution with wellbeing, sustainability and collaboration in mind. Our modular solutions enable you to choose a coffee machine that is perfectly suited to you and your changing needs.
TopBrewer for Offices
Looking for a premium drinks solution for your hotel guests? We have a range of high end served and self-service solutions to suit your hospitality needs. From lobby bar to conferencing.
TopBrewer for Hotels & Hospitality
Amokka cafe barista service
Our range of served and self-service coffee solutions are perfect for cafes and foodservice. Give your guests unique memorable experience and grow revenue with increased space for upselling and merchandising.
TopBrewer for Cafes and Foodservice
Wide shot in Uncle Southall showing a TopBrewer coffee machine and people in the background
Co-living is popular in major cities as a means of affordable living for students, workers, entrepreneurs or individuals relocating. A high-end, strategically-placed coffee machine offers a simple yet effective way of building relationships.
Co-living Coffee Solutions from Scanomat

TopBrewer Lookbook

Need some design inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our TopBrewer Lookbook showcases some of our most exciting installations throughout the UK and Ireland to show you what’s possible when your coffee machine allows you to have complete freedom to design.

Digital brochure

The coffee experience you will never forget! Take a look at our new digital TopBrewer brochure and get ready to be amazed.

Modular and flexible design. Fits anywhere.

Our modular and flexible design fits seamlessly into your space without compromising on performance. 99% of the machine is under the surface to save space and reduce noise. TopBrewer minimises shared contact points and is easy to clean and sanitise.

Freedom to design

We’ve designed our machines to fit uniquely into any space.

TopBrewer Pro: Now with Dual Milk & Steaming Hot Water

Wellbeing and inclusivity for all. With our dual milk fridge you can provide an alternative milk option such as soy, oat or almond to cate for different dietary needs and meet growing demand for vegan options. TopBrewer Pro now comes with steaming hot water as standard which can be served by the cup or the carafe.

TopBrewer brewing a coffee

Patented milk foamer

Wellbeing and inclusivity for all

Diversity inclusion is really important to us at Beazley, so it is great to be able to offer alternatives for different dietary needs

Linda Anderson, Facilities Manager

Voice control coffee machine

Works with Siri

Create a memorable and reassuring destination

Dual TopBrewer Gold

Cloud management

With state-of-the-art real-time data, CoffeeCloud gives you access to key metrics, customer purchasing and usage trends and machine diagnostics at a glance. Easy fleet management. See data on all of your drinks machines in one centralised location. Easy to manage multiple sites in one place. See insight from a distance on multiple devices. Pro-active notifications. Set CoffeeCloud to alert you when specific events occur by email notifications. Create your own business rules, and become proactive for excellent customer service.

CoffeeCloud for TopBrewer

CoffeeCloud makes it easy to manage your coffee business

Nexudus TopBrewer integration

Integrations & Payment

We offer an easy, flexible and multi-faceted approach to integrate into our platform for businesses. From cloud management to payment systems, to app integrations. Create a seamless user experience that works with your business. Also works with Apple App Clips.

Automatic cleaning & easy management

The iconic TopBrewer swan neck tap is flushed through with fresh water after each drink, cleaning any residue from the milk and coffee lines, shortening the daily cleaning routine and improving drink quality. The automatic cleaning is almost silent and means that the daily clean takes just a few minutes.

Easy to clean coffee machine

Making life easier with automatic cleaning

Maximum choice

Speciality coffees

Liquid hot chocolate

Steaming hot water

Still & sparkling water

Advanced Technology

Low energy

Digital management

App integration


Some of our customers

Lets elevate your coffee experience

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