ByColony chooses TopBrewer for their luxurious serviced offices in the North West

By Colony lounge area 2

Luxury Design

Barista-quality coffee

Streamlined solution

Luxury Design

Premium coffee experience at luxury co-working sites

ByColony operates a collection of luxurious commercial properties across the North West, offering serviced offices, flexible coworking and multifunction event spaces with vibrant, uncompromising design and attention to detail to create the perfect professional environment. 

Keen to step away from the traditional serviced office and coworking model, ByColony spaces have been designed with luxury and elegance in mind, combining the comfort and aesthetics of residential design with the functionality of commercial spaces.

ByColony worked with APM Design to design their spaces, starting with The Colony in Wilmslow, followed by The Tannery in Stockport. ByColony’s co-founder, Ed Kershaw, first saw TopBrewer at TAG Farnborough airport, and was impressed by the app interface and self-service possibilities. As a result they worked with their designer to incorporate TopBrewer into their spaces. 

Key facts

  • Workplace 
  • Co-working
  • UK 
  • 2 machines across 2 sites 
  • Break-out areas, lounge 
  • Coffee, water

We really loved the design of the TopBrewer. It adds a real focal point to the space without detracting from the overall design.

Grace Jennings, Project Manager, ByColony

All of the feedback from our members has been positive. They think it looks really cool and fits with the high end aesthetic, but also makes great coffee. I can’t sing its praises enough!

Grace Jennings, Project Manager, ByColony

By Colony TopBrewer close up

Barista-quality coffee on tap

The Lounge at The Colony Wilmslow

By Colony lounge area

Barista quality coffee

Premium, touchfree coffee

Knowing that a premium coffee solution plays a vital role in the future of office space, ByColony chose TopBrewer to offer a barista-quality, self-service coffee experience for members. After the positive feedback they received from installing TopBrewer in the bar / lounge area at The Colony Wilmslow, they installed a second machine in the lounge area of their Stockport location, The Tannery. As both spaces see a high amount of usage from members, it was vital to install a coffee machine that could not only cope with demand, but that would also be easy for members to use and simple to maintain. TopBrewer can deliver up to 400 drinks per day, with no downtime needed between drinks, making it the perfect choice for busy areas.

ByColony were initially drawn to TopBrewer because of its intuitive app interface, and its digitally-driven platform has only become more important since the start of the Covid19 pandemic. Members are able to customise, order, and pay for their TopBrewer drink using the app on their personal device, or through voice control on Siri-enabled devices, and ByColony’s management team are able to remotely view insights, data and diagnostics from each machine.  

Key features 

  • Barista-quality, personalised coffee 
  • Hot water for tea 
  • Touchless operation including voice control 
  • Automatic cleaning throughout the day 
  • CoffeeCloud management system 

TopBrewer really feels ahead of its time in terms of functionality and design. It really fits with our ethos of providing a luxurious space and our members love being able to make their coffee touch-free using the app.

Grace Jennings, Project Manager, ByColony

Streamlined solution

For ByColony, the ability to streamline their suppliers and their beverage solutions into one made all the difference; freeing up employee time, reducing costs and allowing them to relax a bit, knowing that their members would be enjoying a first-class experience every time.

Grace Jennings, Project Manager, ByColony comments;

“The fact that we now have one supplier has made things so much easier. We used to source from so many companies, and we’d have endless hassle and additional costs. Now we know everything is covered. The TopBrewer team takes care of it all, everything is tried and tested, and we know our members are going to have a great experience.”



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