Introducing the new Amokka® Coffee

Less plastic - Same great coffee - New design

Amokka® Coffee

Same coffee, new design

Less plastic

Meet the team

Ethical sourcing

Same coffee, new design

Amokka® has been part of the Scanomat family since 2005 and, since then, each of our Amokka® Coffees has been tailored to the TopBrewer experience. 

The decision to rebrand our range of Amokka® Coffees comes from our desire to better reflect our values and vision, and to create a cleaner, modern coffee brand with a Nordic approach.

The aims of Amokka® Coffee are to:

  1. Operate sustainably on an economic, environmental, and social level

  2. Be transparent and straightforward about our operations

  3. Be responsible and respectful towards our farmers and customers

  4. Combine high-quality coffee with Nordic roasting and brewing techniques to improve the coffee experience

  5. Deliver better-tasting coffee tomorrow than we did yesterday

Amokka® Coffee Beans

Each of our Amokka® Coffees is tailored to the TopBrewer experience

TopBrewer macchiato with silky milk foam

Less plastic

1 ton less plastic a year

We have reduced the use of plastic in our Amokka® coffee packaging to save an estimated one ton each year!



We have also reduced the space requirements for shipment of our coffee boxes by 40% when delivered to our roastery. The new boxes are produced solely from recycled paper and are designed to be recycled again.

These are just some of our approaches that contribute to Amokka® meeting our sustainability goals.

Meet the team

Amokka Coffee roasters

Ante Bikic, Head Roaster (L)

With an array of accolades within the coffee industry, Ante is among the most talented roasters in the world. Winner of Danish Roasting Championship 2020, an expert on the roasting panel Map it forward, Sensory judge at IBC, Stage Manager at WBC. His knowledge is profound, and he is always hungry for more.

Johan, Assistant Roaster (R)

Johan is an expert in sensors and has worked with beer, whiskey and coffee. His broad experience within many fields, including high-end restaurants, contributes to our coffees sharpness and depth.

Ethical sourcing

At Amokka® Nordic Roasters, we work with the utmost respect and responsibility for coffee beans and the environment and, for the last decade, we been actively pursuing sustainable and ethical trading of coffee.

Through our Impact Trade initiative we source our coffee beans directly from carefully chosen partner farms worldwide. We work in partnership with our farms to improve coffee quality and pay above market value to support the farmers with specific projects. 

Ethically sourced coffee by Amokka®

Organic Amokka Coffee from HueHuetenango, Guatemala



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