Automatic barista coffee at a cosmetic clinic

At CeriX, an exclusive Danish cosmetic clinic, everything is about the customers' well-being. Here, the owners chose the TopBrewer coffee solution as a central part of the customer experience for the patients in the modern Copenhagen specialist clinic.

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Quality experience

User-friendly coffee solution


TopBrewer provides a quality experience

CeriX is Denmark's largest chain of cosmetic specialist clinics. The team behind the clinic has created a concept where the experience of exclusivity and high professionalism is the focus of the customer journey.

One of the significant considerations the management had when designing the new CeriX clinic was which coffee solution they should choose – a solution that should match the desire for exclusivity. Through their research into the market, they quickly became aware of the unique design possibilities with TopBrewer and the high quality of coffee delivered with the Amokka® coffee.

Key facts

For a long time, we just had to make do with a Nespresso coffee machine. We needed something else. Instead, we chose TopBrewer to get a quality experience and aesthetically pleasing design with the location at our front desk.

Kjenneth LeClaire-Rosenblum - CEO & owner, CeriX

Installation coffee and sparkling water at CeriX

Easier everyday life with TopBrewer

At CeriX, it is the staff at the reception who serve the coffee or fresh sparkling water to the patients in the clinic. The large number of coffee varieties that can be brewed with TopBrewer makes it easy for the staff to serve just the coffee they want. Café Latte, Cappuccino, or black coffee from the same machine with intuitive operation on the iPad.

With TopBrewer, we have more options than with other coffee machines. My staff can quickly serve a cup of coffee, which counts for a lot. Finally, the TopBrewer only requires a little cleaning.

Kjenneth LeClaire-Rosenblum - CEO & owner, CeriX

CeriX recommends TopBrewer

I highly recommend TopBrewer! It's will not be the last Scanomat machine we will bring into our office.

Kjenneth LeClaire-Rosenblum - CEO & owner, CeriX

Ultimately, the team behind CeriX succeeded in creating precisely the exclusive and aesthetically pleasing surroundings they wanted. Their customers are entirely "blown away" by their set up, with the delicious coffee as an essential part of the experience upon arrival.

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