Aalborg Airport

To Go concept for travelers in Aalborg Airport with professional coffee machine TopBrewer in a high-volume environment with up to 800 daily users.

TopBrewer at self-service station in Aalborg Airport

Flying Coffee

Traveler Experience

High-volume quality coffee machine

Smart monitoring

Flying Coffee

Aalborg Airport is the 3rd biggest airport in Denmark. It serves over 1.5 million travelers annually and employs about 350 people. The airport has a rich history that started in 1936 with its first domestic route from Copenhagen. Over the decades, the airport has expanded and in 2011, KLM/Air France introduced a direct international route to Amsterdam, which led to passenger numbers exploding and the establishment of more international routes to cities like Barcelona and Istanbul by other airlines.

With the increase in number of travelers, the airport expanded their facilities with building a terminal of 7,000 square meters, a larger security area, a departure hall on two floors, extra arrivals space, a bigger duty-free shop, a new bar among others.

Key facts

  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Aalborg, Denmark
  • 7 TopBrewer Pro
  • Food Marked, VIP lounge
  • Coffee
TopBrewer at self-service station in Aalborg Airport

High-volume barista coffee solution

Aalborg Airport is a busy place and the travelers need their coffee for the journey.

TopBrewer adds to the Traveler Experience

When Aalborg Airport started expanding, it was important to maintaining a quality traveler experience in the new facilities. This was key in creating expansive space in the departure and arrival hall, more shopping area in the duty-free shop and even making it quicker and convenient for travelers to buy their food, drink, and snacks.

At DELI - the large food area - Aalborg Airport implemented the Grab & Go concept, to make it faster and easier for travelers to grab something to eat or drink and heading to the counter to pay, without compromising customer experience. Aalborg Airport saw that TopBrewer was a perfect fit for the concept.

For us, TopBrewer met our need of providing barista-quality coffee quickly and in an easy way. It complemented the Grab & Go concept in the self-service food area where travelers simply pick their food, drink or snack and pay at the counter.

Eddi Hvid - Head of Food, Aalborg Airport

The DELI area at Aalborg Airport

The travelers at the airport grab their TopBrewer coffee with food and enjoy it at the seating area.

High-volume quality coffee machine

Aalborg Airport worked with ShopConcept who designed the DELI, where 6 TopBrewers were installed in 2016. For Scanomat, this has been a learning experience, as it was the first time that our commercial coffee machine TopBrewer was installed in such a busy high-volume environment.

Since the installation of the TopBrewers the needs of Aalborg Airport with functionality and design, and the needs of the travelers has been met.

As an airport, the travelers are always on the move, tired and just want their coffee. The after-sales support from Scanomat has been excellent and a service technician comes by every week ensuring that our passengers always enjoy their cup of coffee.

Eddi Hvid - Head of Food, Aalborg Airport

Smart monitoring

With CoffeeCloud, the Scanomat cloud management system, the staff at Aalborg Airport can monitor machine performance and get notifications such as when the machines need to be refilled with our quality coffee beans or cleaning. Moreover, thanks to CoffeeCloud, the team know that travelers consume about 135.000 cups of coffee annually from the 6 TopBrewers and that the most popular drink is black coffee.

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