2023 Workplace Design Trends

The way we work and what we expect from the office has changed, and if businesses want to attract and retain the best employees, they need to ensure they’re perfecting the design of their workplace. Find out our predictions for the biggest workplace design trends of 2023…

Coworking at Perenco, with TopBrewer in the background

Flexibility for all


Commute-worthy experience

Bring the outside in

Sustainable sourcing

Embrace coffee culture

Flexibility for all

The pandemic accelerated the move to a more flexible workspace, and gone are the days of being stuck at the same desk for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Employees enjoy flexibility in the workplace and they aren’t willing to forego it, and with high demand for remote or hybrid roles, flexible policies in the workplace can be a strong recruitment tool. Modular and ultra-customisable designs that give your team control over their work environment will become the norm in 2023, and beyond.

One of the most simple ways to facilitate flexibility in workplace design is through the introduction of different workspaces and multi-use areas. Different types of work require different things - open plan spaces with comfy chairs are great for collaboration and group tasks, but perhaps an individual focus pod would be more suitable for an employee looking to make an important phone call. Giving your team the ability to choose where they complete different tasks can result in a big boost in productivity and can help support their wellbeing.

Matte black TopBrewer with deluxe iPad holder in the foreground and person working on laptop in background

Give your team a variety of workspaces to choose from

Boutique Workplace Carter Lane, with TopBrewer in the background


Despite a switch to a hybrid and flexible working model in the post-Covid world, 2022 saw record cases of burnout and an increase in poor employee mental health, which has a huge detrimental impact on both the individual employee and the business as a whole. Poor employee wellbeing can lead to drops in productivity and engagement and burnout is one of the top reasons for employees quitting, so in 2023 it will be vital to ensure the design of your space is doing everything it can to support the wellbeing, both physical and mental, of your employees.

A space set up for activity-based working is a no brainer when it comes to designing for wellbeing, and in 2023 we will continue to see a variety of work spaces being offered, allowing staff to choose where and how they want to work.

It has been well researched that natural light plays a vital role in physical and mental health, so designers will look to make full use of natural light sources when designing a space to benefit wellbeing. Similarly, designers are au fait with the psychology of colour, and know that a stark white office environment will do nothing for employee wellbeing, opting instead for a variety of colours throughout the space that can help stimulate creativity and productivity.

Commute-worthy experience

There will be an increased focus on the amenities and services offered in the office in 2023 and beyond. We’re all used to the benefits of home working, so in order to entice your team into the office, you need to create a commute-worthy experience. Taking inspiration from hospitality design can help with creating a warm and welcoming space where your team want to spend time, and this ‘hotelisation’ of the workplace is thanks, in part, to a jump in hybrid working and our ability to work from wherever suits us best. Offering high quality services and amenities at work will encourage your team to work from the office more frequently.

The transformation from merely a place to work to a real destination where employees want to spend time means that employees will be treated like valued guests, rather than simply tenants. Designers will move away from stuffy, corporate interiors and creating a destination workplace will give businesses the opportunity to showcase their company culture through the design of their office.

TopBrewer and TopWater at Adobe in London

Bring the outside in

Viva Magenta might be Pantone’s colour of the year, but green is the colour of the workplace this year. Biophilia will play a big role in workplace design and 2023 is all about greenery and bringing the outside in. The use of biophilia and access to outside spaces such as terraces, courtyards or balconies helps encourage increased wellbeing, engagement and productivity amongst the workforce.

People living in urban areas and working in an office environment spend a significant portion of their time indoors, yet studies show that employee productivity increases in offices with natural components like sunlight and plants. Employees can benefit from even the smallest hint of biophilic design, so it will continue to play a central role in the future of workplace design. It doesn’t need to come at a huge expense - simply sprucing up your outdoor space, adding some plants throughout the office or opting for natural materials will make a difference.

Sustainable sourcing

If the UK is to hit its target of net zero by 2050 we all have an important role to play. The built environment accounts for 40% of total UK greenhouse emissions so sustainability is an ongoing trend we can’t afford to ignore. On top of this, sustainability is also a driving force for the best employees, with a recent study showing that sixty-five per cent of those surveyed were more likely to work for a company with a strong environmental policy. Fortunately, we can work towards a more sustainable, environmentally conscious future without compromising on great workplace design.

Circularity in design and sustainable sourcing will play a big role in workplace design this year. When moving or refurbishing offices, it will become the norm to reuse and repurpose as much as possible to avoid sending old materials to landfill, something that leading designer, Basha-Franklin, opted to do when designing the award-winning Related Argent office in King’s Cross. The focus on sustainability will also extend to appliances and amenities chosen for the workplace and there will be a focus on future-proof tech that will grow with the business and that doesn’t need to be regularly replaced.

Image shows TopBrewer commercial coffee machine and TopWater built into a cabinet, with 2 people chatting in the background

Sustainability was a main consideration for Related Argent's London office

Image showing a matte black TopBrewer commercial coffee machine in the foreground and two people chatting in the background

Embrace coffee culture

The office coffee machine has always been a crucial part of the workplace, and with a strong focus on creating a space that prioritises wellbeing and the workplace experience, design that embraces coffee culture will be popular in 2023. With coffee and beverage facilities consistently ranked as one of the most important aspects of the workplace, it’s vital to ensure that your team has access to top-quality coffee at work. The modern era of expertly designed, super-automatic commercial coffee machines means that architects and designers can now utilise them in a clever and thoughtful way throughout the space. In fact, a strategically placed coffee machine can lead to increased collaboration, improved wellbeing and stronger relationships as colleagues catch up over a cup of their favourite coffee.

When you’re investing heavily in designing the perfect space for your team the last thing you want is to ruin it with an unsightly coffee machine. Choosing a thoughtfully designed commercial coffee machine like TopBrewer means you no longer need to worry about where to hide your bulky tabletop machine. It was built with collaboration in mind, and its sleek design with stylish swan neck tap and under counter brew unit means it can be seamlessly integrated into any environment to provide barista-quality coffee on tap without compromising on design.

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