Venezia I

The fully automatic Venezia I coffee machine serves all kinds of coffee specialties with freshly ground coffee beans. Venezia I has a low power consumption and automatic cleaning functionality.

  Fresh bean coffeebrewer

  10 coffee specialties

  Energy saving

With advanced technology and ease of use, Venezia I has an incredible performance. The design focuses on uncompromising coffee quality and energy saving.  The modular brewing unit can be disassembled in a few seconds when the machine needs to be cleaned or maintained.

With the option of 1 or 2 coffee grinders for the fresh coffee beans, and up to 4 flexible containers, the Venice I coffee machine is very versatile. It has a uniquely adjustable grinding system that can compete with leading baristas. Venezia I comes with three heaters and a 5 liter built-in water tank, which is essential when serving many pots of coffee.

When using fresh milk for brewing the coffee specialties, it is kept chilled until it reaches the milk frother, thus ensuring the milk’s long shelf life in the system.

Cleaning and maintenance of the machine takes place almost without the use of chemicals, as the Scanomat-developed “self-cleaning system” can easily and quickly manage this. General maintenance of the brewer takes only 5 minutes during the day.

Coffee Specialties



Café Special





Cafe Latte

Warm milk

Tea Water


Bean canister 2,6 kg / 2x 1,3 kg
Instant canister 4,5 kg
Fresh milk Optional
Cup counter
Filter coffee Optional
Brewtime instant 5 sec
Brewtime fresh bean 20 sec
Electrical connection 230 / 400 V
Power consumption 2300-8400 Watt
Dimensions (cm) H: 67 | W: 44 | D: 61
Direct water injection
Brew chambers 2
Jug function

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