CaféCino Pro 6


CaféCino Pro 6 is a coffee machine with a larger capacity than CaféCino Pro 4 Compact and brews coffee in a few seconds. Cafécino Pro6 has a high capacity of up to 630 cups per hour and the glass front is illuminated, so one can profile their brand.

  135-630 cups an hour

  12 coffee specialties

  Minimal cleaning

CaféCino Pro 6 is an efficient and advanced coffee machine with a capacity to make up to 400 cups of coffee on a single filling. Freshly brewed coffee and different coffee specialties are brewed in a few seconds, for a cup or a pitcher. With this coffee maker, you can choose three different pitcher sizes and optional flavor strengths (mild, normal, strong). The machine is very user-friendly and requires minimal cleaning.

This coffee maker is equipped with 4-6 containers, which can be filled with (coffee, espresso, decaf, chocolate and milk powder), has a patented “back-whipping system” and Scanomat’s espresso whipper which gives the best end result.

CaféCino Pro 6 comes with a glass front that can be used to profile your brand or company. Both the EU and Vision models have more options in their control panels.

Coffee Specialties



Café Special





Cafe Latte

Café au Lait

Café Crème

Warm milk

Tea Water


Coffee 400 cups (600 g)
Espresso 450 cups (680 g)
Chocolate 150 cups (2700 g)
Milk 225 cups (2700 g)
Cups an hour 135-360 (20 l.-94,5 l.)
Cleaning function
Water tank 5 l.
Electrical connections 230/400 V w. earth
Power consumption 1800-8400 Watt
Dimensions (cm) H: 68 | W: 35 | D: 39
Jug function
Brew chambers 3-6
Separate tea water
Cold water Optional

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