Classic Brew

The Classic Brew coffee machine is the ideal choice for serving large quantity of freshly brewed coffee. It has a big capacity and can make up to 95 liters of freshly brewed instant coffee per hour. With smart timer function, Classic Brew automatically brews coffee as needed.

  210 – 630 cups an hour

  Up to 95 litre coffee an hour

  Minimal cleaning

Classic Brew’s built-in smart timer function can be pre-programmed for coffee brewing at selected times to minimize coffee wastage. The coffee maker is equipped with two coffee containers, each of which can hold 5 liters. Hot tea water is dispensed directly at the front. Classic Brew is very user-friendly and requires only minimal cleaning.

A satellite with two coffee containers can be supplied as an added device. The satellite is ideal for the buffet, breakfast room or conference room, where freshly brewed coffee is often served.

If you want the option of serving a larger coffee selection together with freshly brewed coffee, our Classic Brew Roma is the coffee maker for you.

Coffee Specialties


Tea Water


Coffee container 1 733 cups (1100 g)
Coffee container 2 733 cups (1100 g)
Separate teawater
Cups an hour 210-630 (32 l. – 95 l.)
Cleaning function
Water tank 21 l.
Electrical connections 230/400 V w. earth
Power consumption 2800 / 8400 Watt
Dimensions (cm) H: 74 | W: 40 | D: 44
Brew chambers 2

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