Café on the Spot

Café on the Spot is the mobile, flexible and durable solution when it comes to serving a freshly brewed cup of coffee where the guests are. We call is ‘Coffee on wheels’.

  Coffee serving with freedom

  135 cups an hour

  Minimal cleaning

Scanomat’s Café on the Spot is the perfect mobile solution that allows you to serve drinks where your guests are; for example, in the conference rooms, meeting rooms or the hospital.

Café on the Spot is a coffee machine mounted on a trolley with durable rubber wheels, which makes it easy to maneuver. The wagon is equipped with both a water tank and a built-in battery, which makes it possible to serve coffee specialties and hot drinks, brewed in just a few seconds, no matter where your guests, customers or employees need it.

Café on the Spot has a capacity of about 120 cups per single filling. The trolley has a standard room for two dishwasher trays and practical storage drawers made of stainless steel. The complete unit, with its simple and functional design, is easy to operate and to clean.

Coffee Specialties



Café Special





Cafe Latte

Café au Lait

Café Crème

Warm milk

Tea Water


Coffee 216 cups (325 g)
Espresso 160 cups (240 g)
Chocolate 59 cups (1300 g)
Milk 108 cups (1300 g)
Cup an hour 135 (20 l.)
Cleaning function
Water tank 20 l.
Electrical connections 230V w. earth
Power consumption 2300 Watt
Battery capacity 24 V, 7.2 Ah – 7 hours
Dimensions (cm) H: 135 | W: 52 | D: 92
Jug function
Brew chambers 2

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