Wiser employees enjoy barista-quality coffee on tap at London HQ

Award-winning creative and recruitment firm installs 2 TopBrewers at their London HQ.

Wiser's London HQ kitchen area with TopBrewer coffee machine

Wiser HQ

First-Class User Experience

Sustainable Coffee and Water Solution

Wiser HQ

For Wiser, an award-winning creative and recruitment firm, it has always been a top priority to ensure its team is well looked after and has a work environment that helps employees thrive. After Wiser’s team spotted TopBrewer at a site in Farringdon, they knew it was the perfect solution for the Wiser offices.

When Wiser’s Head of Technology & Operations compared TopBrewer to other coffee solutions, he agreed it was the right choice for their office and their first machine was installed in Spring 2022 following a refurbishment of the space. Later in the year, Wiser acquired the floor below and decided to incorporate another TopBrewer into the new office.

Key facts

  • Workplace
  • London, UK 
  • 120 staff 
  • 2 machines 
  • Coffee points, break-out areas 
  • Coffee, water

It’s amazing and the coffee quality is great - the TopBrewer is one of the first things we show our clients or prospective candidates, they’re always mesmerised!

Wiser - London HQ Ideation Station

Barista-quality coffee from TopBrewer at Wiser's Clerkenwell HQ

Wiser's London HQ kitchen area with TopBrewer coffee machine

First-Class User Experience

The ability to offer barista-quality coffee “on tap” to employees and guests was, of course, a big factor in Wiser’s decision to install TopBrewer, but so was its market-leading user experience. TopBrewer’s intuitive app and voice control were designed to be super simple and seamless to use, and mean that the Wiser team can take their coffee experience into their own hands and customise their drinks to suit their exact taste.

The two TopBrewer Professional Series machines installed in Wiser’s HQ have two separate coffee grinders, allowing for two different coffees to be offered, and they have also opted for the innovative dual-milk fridge to offer two types of milk. This gives a world of possibilities for the team and means that every member of staff can enjoy their perfect drink every time.

"The TopBrewer user interface is industry-leading, it’s so simple that anyone can use it without an issue."

The communication between the system and the app is seamless, no one else can even compare.

The whole team uses the TopBrewer app to order their drinks, and we love that you can customise and save your favourites.

Wiser London TopBrewer flat white close up

Sustainable Coffee Solution

Sustainability is a hot topic in every area of our lives and limiting our environmental impact is becoming ever more important. With over 100 staff on site, Wiser wanted to choose a beverage solution that not only would cater to all tastes but that would not add unnecessary waste. They made the decision to add the optional water module to their TopBrewer, giving employees access to limitless filtered chill and sparkling water as well as barista-quality coffee, and eliminating the need to use plastic water bottles.

For forward-thinking companies like Wiser, ensuring your amenities and appliances will grow with your business is important as regularly upgrading and replacing appliances can be extremely costly and can have a devastating impact on the environment. TopBrewer was designed with the environment in mind and its digitally-driven platform means TopBrewer customers receive remote, over-the-air software and firmware updates to ensure their machine is always up to date. This means that customers receive the same experience regardless of the age of their machine, and it limits the amount of e-waste sent to landfill each year as businesses no longer need to regularly replace their coffee machine when a newer model is released.

TopBrewer was the best solution to reduce waste from plastic water bottles in a smart way but still give options to our team.

The post-purchase relationship between us and Scanomat has been second to none, it’s really nice to feel so valued even though we’re not a huge customer.

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