Orega - Over 20 TopBrewer coffee machines for rapidly growing serviced office provider

Premium serviced office provider, Orega, has established a reputation for creating modern, stylish workspaces with a focus on delivering unrivalled customer service.

When it came to choosing the premium beverage solutions for their locations throughout the UK, TopBrewer was a no brainer. Not only can members enjoy barista-quality coffee without needing to leave the office, they can also customise their drink to meet their exact taste.

Hear what Orega thinks of their TopBrewer coffee solution ➜

TopBrewer for us is absolutely amazing. Our clients love it, and it feels like a really premium service because it’s fresh bean to cup.

Joe Clubb - Customer Service Manager, Orega

Customised office coffee experience

Easy coffee machine maintenance

Customised office coffee experience

Orega prides itself on delivering a premium service with quality amenities and unrivalled customer service. With lots of members to cater for and with the fact that coffee and beverage facilities are consistently ranked as one of the most important aspects of the workplace, the Orega team knew they had to get the coffee experience right.

Orega first installed 2 TopBrewer Pro Series in the Gracechurch Street location in early 2019, and since then has added 18 more TopBrewer coffee machines in 13 other Orega locations throughout the UK, highlighting their commitment to delivering a first-class coffee experience on-site for members. TopBrewer's digitally-driven design means that Orega members can take their coffee experience into their own hands and use the intuitive app to customise their coffee to meet their exact taste.

Key facts

  • Office 
  • 14 locations throughout the UK
  • 20 TopBrewers
  • Reception, lounge
  • Coffee/Water

By having so much choice and so much customisation [TopBrewer] really lends itself to part of that premium nature.

Joe Clubb - Customer Service Manager, Orega

Orega members have access to barista-quality coffee on site

Easy coffee machine maintenance

With busy serviced office spaces to run, finding a reliable beverage solution that would be quick and easy to maintain was important for the Orega team. The daily clean cycle takes just a few minutes for the Orega facilities staff to complete, meaning there's hardly any downtime and members don't need to wait around for their caffeine fix.

On top of this, TopBrewer's cloud management system, CoffeeCloud, gives the team access to real-time data and insights for the entire fleet of machines to help them work more efficiently. Notifications can be sent when the coffee beans need to be refilled or when the machine needs to be cleaned, freeing up time for the facilities team and ensuring that members have a continuous flow of barista-quality coffee to get them through the day.

The machine is really easy to maintain. There's a really simple clean cycle that our team and staff do every single day to keep the coffee really nice and fresh.

Joe Clubb - Customer Service Manager, Orega

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