My Home Bakery

Glasgow-based bakery and café

TopBrewer with Dual-Milk Fridge

Personal choice

My Home Bakery, a Glasgow-based bakery and café were our first client in Scotland, and they have recently expanded to open a second location. They chose to install another TopBrewer to deliver the same great-tasting coffee to their clients in the new bakery, and they opted for the Dual-Milk Fridge to allow customers to choose from different types of milk.

Combined with the TopBrewer Professional’s capability to offer two different coffees, and the fact that all TopBrewer beverages can be customised using the app, clients have a huge choice when choosing and customising their beverage.

It’s great to give our customers the choice of milk and being able to serve the much-asked-for oat milk lattes.

Dual-Milk option is used for Oat Milk

TopBrewer serves premium barista-quality coffee

TopBrewer brewing a coffee

"Our TopBrewer machine (or as we call it here at My Home Bakery in Glasgow - our Frederick) joined our team 2 years ago. That’s 2 years of not being worried about the consistency of the coffee we sell, its quality or even days off for our barista. You just push the selected drink on the iPad and continue serving customers - the coffee is ready - all you have to wait for is the “WOW” from first time customers."




TopBrewer Espresso at Autodesk workplace
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