Global creative technology provider with EMEA headquarters in London.

TopBrewer and TopWater at Adobe in London

Enables collaboration

TopBrewer for all areas

Agile workplace

TopBrewer enables collaboration in the ‘third space’  

The Adobe EMEA Headquarters, designed by Gensler, aims to foster collaboration and agile working, occupies the 7th, 8th and 13th floor of the 16-storey White Collar Factory in London’s Tech City district on the ‘Silicon Roundabout’. The building boasts a wide range of desirable features including; panoramic views across London, natural light and ventilation, a roof terrace and an impressive 150m running track. 

An important element of the design was the introduction of ‘third spaces’ to encourage spontaneous collaboration and social interaction. Within these spaces, TopBrewer coffee machines are installed in the kitchen areas as an enabler of chance conversations and to provide premium refreshment facilities. 

Key facts

  • Workplace 
  • Technology 
  • UK 
  • 800 staff 
  • 8 machines 
  • Coffee points, break-out areas, lounge 
  • Coffee, water

We chose the TopBrewer as it is designed with collaboration in mind and fits well with the ethos of the ‘third space’.

Adobe’s Site Operations Manager, Mark Bell

Adobe kitchen with TopBrewer

Ideal for all areas

TopBrewer and TopWater at Adobe

TopBrewer in all areas

TopBrewer for all areas 

The impressive 45,000 sq ft workspace – fitted by COMO – offers a mixture of open plan areas, meeting rooms and a new dedicated customer experience centre. 

With premium coffee consistently ranking high, and often top, on the list of preferred office perks, TopBrewer is perfectly positioned to deliver a first-class coffee experience in the workplace. At Adobe, seven TopBrewer Pro Series are programmed to serve a range of specialty barista-quality beverages – all controlled via iPad or through the phone app for an interactive personalised user experience. 

A separate TopWater unit is installed to serve refreshing chilled still or sparkling water. 

Key features 

  • Barista-quality, personalised coffee 
  • Steaming hot water for tea 
  • Chilled still and sparkling water 
  • Touchless operation including voice control 
  • Automatic cleaning throughout the day 
  • CoffeeCloud management system 

The minimal appearance means that it can be integrated into a central island without looking out of place, allowing users to gather around the coffee machine and socialise in a relaxed, informal environment.

Adobe’s Site Operations Manager, Mark Bell



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