Actis - TopBrewer in collaborative office area

Leading global sustainable infrastructure investment firm, Actis, installed two TopBrewers in their employee-led office space.

2 TopBrewer coffee machines built into a circular island, with a man in the background looking at his phone


Collaborative Space

Something for Everyone

Easy Maintenance


Leading global sustainable infrastructure investment firm, Actis, worked with Loop Interiors to design their London workspace, which is located in the iconic 2 More London Riverside. Spanning the top floor of the building, and with views over the River Thames and Tower Bridge, Actis’ London office was designed with the employee experience at the heart of every decision.

When their project manager recommended TopBrewer as a premium coffee solution, the Actis team knew it was the right choice. Its unique design encourages collaboration, which plays a vital role in the Actis ethos, and on top of this, the top-quality coffee and sustainable features made it the perfect commercial coffee machine for their space.

Key facts

  • Workplace
  • Investment
  • London, UK 
  • 2 TopBrewers 
  • Kitchen, break-out area 
  • Coffee, water

We liked the fact that TopBrewer could be installed in a collaborative area and act as a draw for employees to socialise and chat as they grab a coffee.


Image from Actis showing 2 TopBrewers installed in circular island

Barista-quality coffee on tap for employees

Actis installed two TopBrewers in a central, circular island

Image showing 2 TopBrewer commercial coffee machines, one in the foreground facing the camera and one in the background facing away

Collaborative Space

Actis chose to install 2 TopBrewers in a central, circular island in the main breakout space and kitchen area of their office as a way of offering a top-quality coffee experience at work. Actis places emphasis on offering hybrid working and encouraging collaboration, so as well as being where employees have lunch and enjoy a coffee, the space is also used for informal meetings and social events.

Employees previously had to go elsewhere to get a barista-quality cup of coffee, but now they can get their caffeine fix without leaving the office. With the changing ways of working, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure your space offers the amenities and experience your team actually want, and research shows that the coffee and beverage experience is consistently ranked as one of the most important aspects of the workplace. Actis knew that the coffee solution would play a central role in the workplace experience, so they knew they had to get it right.

Having TopBrewer in an island setting in the space means our team can meet and have conversations over a coffee without needing to leave the office. It’s great to be able to offer a high quality coffee on-site for our employees.


Image showing TopBrewer commercial coffee machine in the foreground with people chatting and working on laptops in the background

Something for Everyone

With lots of staff on site, it can be difficult to cater for everyone. We all have different tastes, so why would we want the exact same coffee? Whilst TopBrewer’s standard drink recipe has been perfected by our in-house baristas and roastery team, the intuitive TopBrewer app means that the end user can take their coffee experience to the next level and customise their drink to meet their exact taste.

Actis chose to offer two different types of coffee, including a decaf option, by installing the dual grinder TopBrewer Professional Series, and as well as this they also opted for the innovative dual-milk fridge, giving their team the choice of two different milks, including a dairy-free alternative. This ensures that every member of their team can enjoy their favourite coffee at work. The Actis team can also download the TopBrewer app themselves and order their drink using their own smartphone or smartwatch.

The coffee from the TopBrewer is great, and being able to offer plant-based milk and decaf coffee from one machine was really important for us.


TopBrewer has been really well received compared to what we had before, particularly the customisation options.


Close up image of a TopBrewer commercial coffee machine

Easy Maintenance

When you have a busy facilities and/or cleaning team, the ease of maintenance and cleaning can make a big impact when making purchasing decisions. This was the case for Actis, and it was important that TopBrewer’s day-to-day maintenance was quick and easy.

TopBrewer’s daily clean takes just a few minutes, meaning the Actis facilities team aren’t held up with a lengthy cleaning cycle, and it also means there is less machine downtime so employees don’t need to wait around for their coffee.

Key features 

  • Barista-quality, personalised coffee 
  • Steaming hot water for tea 
  • Chilled still water 
  • Luxury hot chocolate
  • Touchless operation including voice control 
  • Automatic cleaning throughout the day 
  • CoffeeCloud management system 

It’s been pretty easy to clean and maintain the TopBrewers, and it’s been great to have the barista support from the Scanomat team.


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