Get dairy-free coffees on your office coffee machine

The demand for dairy-free milk alternatives in coffee has soared in recent years. Not only because there’s an increasing number of individuals adopting a plant-based lifestyle, but also for the taste, health benefits and for the sake of the environment.

For many of us, heading to the office coffee machine to grab a cup of coffee is the perfect start to our day - it’s a brief moment of relaxation, gives us a caffeine boost, and allows us to catch up with colleagues - so why should that be any different if you don’t consume dairy?

Plant-based milk alternatives

Enjoy dairy-free coffee from TopBrewer

Good plant-based milk alternatives for your coffee

Plant-based milk alternatives, such as oat or pea drink, have gained significant popularity in the last few years, and for good reason. Here are some reasons why you might want to make your next coffee dairy-free…

Health and wellbeing

We all know that cow’s milk is a great source of calcium, but did you know that plant-based milks also offer a wide array of health benefits? Many plant-based options are naturally lower in calories and saturated fats, making them a heart-healthy choice, and dairy-free alternatives are often fortified with nutrients and vitamins that are essential. For those with allergies or intolerances, access to plant-based milk could be the difference between getting to their favourite coffee or having to stick with a glass of water.

Environmental benefits

The production of dairy milk can contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and water usage, and also require lots of land. On the other hand, the production of plant-based milks generally has a lower environmental impact, requiring fewer resources and producing lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Cruelty-free consumption

For lots of vegans, one of the main reasons to ditch animal products and switch to a plant-based lifestyle is the fact that it doesn’t involve exploitation of animals, so choosing plant-based milk aligns with a cruelty-free approach to consumption and means you’re contributing to a more ethical food system.

Creative coffee crafting

The unique properties of dairy-free milks make them a brilliant alternative to cow’s milk when it comes to crafting specialty coffees. The flavours and textures differ between milks, meaning you can choose the milk that will bring out the flavours of the coffee or that will froth to perfection to make your cappuccino. Having the ability to choose between cow’s milk and dairy free alternatives opens a whole new world of coffee.

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Plant-based milk alternatives have gained significant popularity in the last few years

Enjoy dairy-free coffee from TopBrewer

We may be partial to a creamy cappuccino, but we believe that your coffee experience should be a delicious and memorable experience, regardless of whether or not you’re a dairy drinker.  With the growing emphasis on health, ethical consumption and sustainability, it's no surprise that the choice of milk in our coffee has expanded beyond traditional dairy. Whether you're motivated by health, sustainability, or a desire for diverse flavours, choosing plant-based milk is a step towards a more conscious coffee experience.

We know the importance of offering dairy-free milk alternatives for employees and clients. TopBrewer coffee machines can be specified to offer a dual milk option. This means that the end user can choose between two different milks when making their coffee, including dairy-free options. Taking the coffee experience to the next level, the intuitive TopBrewer app means the consumer can customise their drink to meet their exact taste, and with the TopBrewer Professional Series it also allows them to choose between two different types of coffee.

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