New Developments for the TopBrewer

Scanomat Unveils Advanced 64mm Flat-Burr Grinder, Superior Milk Foamer, and Groundbreaking Single-Dose Bean Hopper System at World of Coffee in Copenhagen.

Prism - Single Dose System

Gen2 64mm flat burr grinder

Flowcontrol and Milk Foaming

Future of Coffee Brewing

Revolutionising Coffee Preparation

Prism - Single Dose System
The new single-dose bean hopper system, Prism, introduces new levels of flexibility and accuracy. Built to hold up to six coffees side by side, it features a modular design that enables baristas and coffee enthusiasts to seamlessly switch between various blends and origins.

Each chamber delivers a precision dose using compact electronic control. This innovation ensures that coffee lovers enjoy the freshest and most diverse flavours from one streamlined setup.

Prism introduces new levels of flexibility and accuracy

Gen2 64mm flat burr grinder
Scanomat's latest coffee grinder, our Gen2 Pro-grinder, is built in-house. It complements the Prism Single-dose system, engineered for precision and consistency. The grinder's design ensures very low coffee retention (<0,5 grams), making it possible to switch between beans with very low retention – a first in an automatic machine.

For whatever type of coffee, the new grinder ensures that every cup of coffee is crafted with optimal grind size and uniformity, delivering an unparalleled taste experience. A linear rod guide-rail system makes the Z-axis movement effortlessly accessible, while the XY movement is entirely constrained. The design ensures a high precision between the moving and stationary burr.

The grinder is designed to fit both front and blind-mounted burrs from a wide array of leading manufacturers, including high uniformity and unimodal style burr sets. Whatever the application, the new grinder can accommodate.

The Gen2 Pro-grinder complements the Prism Single-dose system

FlowControl system

Furthermore, we will showcase cutting-edge brewing technology within the TopBrewer, namely FlowControl. This technology offers precise control over the overflow and pressure, leading to better and more consistent extractions. This unique technology allows us to brew various coffee styles within a single system, ranging from classic espresso to turbo shots. The TopBrewer actively adjusts pressure to manage water flow, ensuring optimal and consistent extractions across various pressures.

Milk Foaming

A new and updated milk foamer delivers improved consistency and texture, ensuring the steamed milk is silky, elastic, and pourable. It's designed to complement our two-stage Barista system with FusionMilk: perfectly steamed foam delivered straight into the pitcher while the machine brews a well-extracted espresso. The choice between two milk types, including plant-based, is only a click away.

FlowMatrix shower screen

Lastly, we introduce the FlowMatrix filter, a novelty in shower screen design for an automatic machine. Featuring a 4-layer design, the dispersion and flow of water are greatly improved. The dispersion is first created by a flow guide that ensures water is evenly distributed before being channelled through a Matrix Filter. Then, a final shower screen was developed, especially for Scanomat by IMS. It enhances flow and extraction and reduces channelling and dead spots.

Experience the Future of Coffee Brewing

"We are thrilled to introduce these groundbreaking features in our 'backyard' at The World of Coffee Exhibition in Copenhagen," said Kim Vibe-Petersen, CEO of Scanomat. "Our developments reflect our commitment to innovation and excellence in coffee technology. We believe these advancements will not only enhance the convenience and versatility for baristas and users but also significantly improve the quality of coffee for consumers around the globe."

At Scanomat's World of Coffee Exhibition booth, guests can witness live demonstrations of the new developments. The team will be on hand to provide insights, answer questions, and share the inspiration behind these innovations.

Join Us in Copenhagen

Scanomat, TopBrewer and Amokka Nordic Roasters invite all coffee professionals, enthusiasts, and media representatives to visit our booth at the World of Coffee Exhibition at Bella Center, Hall D. Discover how these new technologies can transform your coffee experience and get a first-hand look at the future of coffee brewing.