Introducing Portofino

New modern dark roasted blend from Amokka® Coffee. Roasted for TopBrewer.

Portofino - dark roasted by Amokka® for the TopBrewer

Modern dark roast

100% Arabica

Modern dark roasted blend

The Amokka® Nordic Roastery is introducing Portofino, a new dark roasted blend with a modern touch.

Portofino is the creation of our head roaster at Amokka Nordic Roasters. He carefully selects the best seasonal coffee beans from Brazil and Nicaragua for this blend and roasts it with a modern take.

The aim is to create a strong sweetness coffee with a long and pleasant aftertaste that still delivers those classical dark roast flavours.

With 100% handpicked Arabica coffee beans, Portofino is our take on the traditional roast style of coffee.

Ante Bikic, head roast at Amokka® Coffee

100% Arabica

High-quality beans from our partners Fazenda Progresso in Brazil and Finca Jesper in Nicaragua are blended to create a unique drinking experience. Our farmers' expertise in producing great tasting coffee beans allowed us to roast these coffees in a way that gets the best out of a dark roast.

Ante Bikic explains:

The roasting process starts slow, at unusually low temperatures. This allows the coffees to evenly worm up before we turn our gas to the maximum to reach our end temperature in the shortest possible time.

This approach produces a high sweetness coffee with a long and pleasant aftertaste that still delivers all of those classical dark roast flavours.

Portofino by Amokka®

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