Introducing our new Amokka® Coffee Box: More efficiency, less cardboard

The beginning of 2024 has already brought many wonderful changes to our roastery in Kokkedal, Denmark. Our newly installed, specially designed packaging machine has made us more efficient than ever before. And with it, we're proud to introduce the new and improved Amokka® Coffee Box!

We are at Amokka® Nordic Roasters dedicated to sustainability across economic, environmental, and social fronts. Hence, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make a positive impact. The Amokka® Coffee Box is a prime example of this commitment. It is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly, sleek, and easy to manage.

But rest assured, the quality of the impeccably roasted coffee inside hasn't changed one bit!

A more efficient box. A more sustainable box. A more user-friendly box.

Efficient box

Sustainable box

User-friendly box

A more efficient box

With the new Amokka® Coffee Box, we have become a lot more efficient. The box is designed to fit eight bags of Amokka beans perfectly, and its redesign has significantly optimised pallet stacking. Our transportation process of Amokka® Coffee is now 44% more efficient, which helps reduce our environmental footprint.

The more innovative design of the boxes has enabled us to pack our trucks neater, resulting in more sustainable shipping of our coffee beans. Designed with both the environment and your coffee experience in mind, this innovative packaging solution embodies Amokka's commitment to sustainability and quality.

Optimised for stacking and storage space

The new Amokka® Coffee Box

A more sustainable box

Gone are the days of excessive cardboard and wasteful packaging. The new Amokka® Coffee Box is designed to use 30% less cardboard compared to our old box, reducing its environmental footprint without compromising functionality or durability. With a streamlined design and efficient use of materials, every aspect of this box is optimised for sustainability.

But the innovation continues beyond there. Beyond its reduced cardboard usage, the Amokka® Coffee Box is fully recyclable, ensuring that all packaging can be responsibly disposed of after use. From the box to the ink used in printing, every component is carefully selected to minimise environmental impact and maximise recyclability.

Easy access to the Amokka® Coffee

Just open the lid

Easy to handle

A more user-friendly box

The Amokka® Coffee Box not only revolutionises our coffee packaging in terms of efficiency and sustainability but also prioritises user-friendliness and sleek design. This box is a breeze to handle and transport, with convenient handles on each side and easy access to the beans.

The sleek design embodies Scanomat's philosophy of functionality without compromising aesthetics. With clean lines and a modern and minimalistic design, this packaging solution exudes elegance while remaining practical. 

The box is designed to make the coffee experience effortless and enjoyable from start to finish. It ensures that every moment while handling the box is as smooth and satisfying as the brew itself.

We can’t wait for you to try it!