Fazenda Progresso

Fazenda Progresso

The Story

Fazenda Progresso is an old family farm, spanning 3 generations, from the mountainous Chapada Diamantina region of Bahia, northern Brazil. Amokka® started working with the family back in 2013 and hasn’t looked back.

Fazenda Progresso has a focus on social initiatives, and together we have developed several programmes through our Impact Trade initiative. Worker welfare, and their family’s welfare, is important to the Borré family and is the core of most projects started with the support of Amokka®.

In fact, work clothing, sunscreen and other safety equipment is supplied and paid for by the family. Farm workers are organised in several geographical sectors throughout the farm, and in most of them the uniform colour is a bright, almost-cerulean blue. There’s no specific reason for this colour, but it means that workers are easily identified in the fields, further contributing to safety.

Today the Borré son, Fabiano, runs the coffee farm and constantly invests in new techniques and technologies, infrastructure, and workplace enhancements. Experimenting with processing is something they are doing more and more, with raised bed drying, fermentation methods and carbonic maceration - they were even accepted into Cup of Excellence.

The aim for Fazenda Progresso is to convert the farm to become 100% organic.


Amokka® has several ongoing projects with Fazenda Progresso as part of our Impact Trade initiative.

Fabiano and Silvio are respected by the locals for their many initiatives. Not many farms in Brazil are run this way, with social responsibility, fair wages, and such as central to their operations.

One of the many projects is this school Fazenda Progresso has built for the children of the farm workers.