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TopBrewer’s world-leading touchless coffee technology is the safest and most hygienic way to enjoy premium, barista-quality coffee in offices, hotels, cafes and other shared spaces - 100% touch-free. Show employees and customers that you value their safety and wellbeing with touchless technology they will love. With the inherent need to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria, touchless coffee by TopBrewer enables you to deliver a reassuring and secure environment your staff, clients and guests will thank you for.

Touchless Coffee Solution from Scanomat

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💬 Hey Siri, make my coffee!

We have taken the TopBrewer touchless coffee experience to a whole new level with TopBrewerVoice - a Siri enabled shortcut that allows you to seamlessly order your favourite premium coffee using just your voice. Using the TopBrewer app simply activate your favourite drinks once by clicking on the Siri icon. From there you can create personalised voice commands for all your favourite drinks to enjoy again and again using just your voice. You can also save your favourite drinks to Siri Shortcuts for one-click brewing via your own personal device. Add additional commands to the shortcut with eg logging into your health app, connecting with your team or read the news while your coffee is brewing.

TopBrewer is the world’s first voice-controlled coffee machine

Touchless coffee in your hands

The TopBrewer app allows you to enjoy barista-quality coffee in a safe, hygienic and convenient way, giving you touch-free access to a wide menu of premium hot and chilled beverages at your fingertips.

Free download

The TopBrewer app is free to download on iOS and Android devices and is a completely contactless way to select your coffee and other beverages.

Easy connect

With a low-energy Bluetooth connection you don’t need to rely on WiFi. Simply connect to an available machine and brew a premium, barista-quality coffee in seconds.

TopBrewer Personal order control


Customise your coffee by adjusting espresso, milk foam and number of cups. Choose from two coffee and milk options for an even more personalised user experience.

Make favourite

Save your favourite TopBrewer machine for use with Siri and Shortcuts. Perfect for busy offices with multiple coffee points.

It’s Coffee Time!

You can make your coffee touch-free with TopBrewer and AppleWatch. AppleWatch prompts you when you are within Bluetooth range of a TopBrewer machine. Set up your favourite drink as QuickBrew for seamless one-touch brewing on your AppleWatch home screen.

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Personalize your coffee experience with TopBrewer

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