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New and improved TopBrewer experience.

Introducing the latest update to the TopBrewer.

Brand new simple and beautiful design.

The latest TopBrewer iPad app comes with a stunning new design, improved user experience and an eye-catching new suite of icons. With a new and stylish black interface, we are now introducing a simple, minimalistic and premium app design for iPad. We didn’t just design on top of the old app, this was a total redesign, rethinking it from scratch, and most importantly, implementing your feedback into the design.
The menu items are now bigger, cleaner, and much easier to read; we have totally redesigned the cup icons on the main menu for more detail and to enhance the overall TopBrewer experience.

Menu choices

Your menu choices always shown the best way possible.

The new app allows for fully scaleable design. This means that no matter how many drinks you have - four, six or twelve - the app will adapt itself to fit your iPad and fill the entire screen. This means the former empty squares are a thing of the past. Your drinks are now more visible and optimised for any screen size - iPad Mini, iPad Air or the new iPad Pro.

More customisation.

We are delighted to reveal a much more intuitive customisation section, making personalising your coffee simpler than ever before. We designed the new app to be more focused on the customisation feature which most people love, and that some may have never experienced before. Now with a single click you will enter the customise function, which will allow you to adapt your drink to suit your taste. With the new app, we are now allowing for more customisation of the drinks - shift between grinders, choose different milk types, increase or decrease screen milk foam.** The options are endless...
More customization

Menu choices

Designed for the future.

We have always supported the normal iPad, which today is called iPad Air. With this new update, the graphics have also been optimised for the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro. This means you have the flexibility to go from a 7,9” display to a 12,9” display, and of course you also have our iPhone and Apple Watch apps. The new iPad Pro allows you to invite your colleagues, customers or friends to enjoy the TopBrewer experience on a larger screen.

A 'automagical' user experience...

The latest TopBrewer iPad app allows you to connect to the TopBrewer in an ultra-fast 1 second connection time, making this our most seamless iPad experience yet. The app comes with all new support for Bluetooth Low Energy connection and connects ‘automagically’ to enabled machines for an improved user experience.

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More customization

Seamlessly keeping your TopBrewer up to date…

The first coffee machine in the world, which introduces over-the-air updates to add new features and functionality. You might think this is just the app updates, but no, this is the actual TopBrewers software. This means for a TopBrewer owner, they can always look forward to new experiences, and new functionalities – all free. This is a part of the TopBrewer eco-system, which is growing in many different ways All to benefit the owners. Many new release are coming, and they will all be based on this first stepping stone.

iPad Pro 12 selection
iPad Pro 12 selection

**Only applicable if recipes are changed.