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A revolutionary way to serve coffee.

Revolutionise your coffee offer with the multi award-winning TopBrewer - Space-saving design, barista quality coffee, personalised drinks, mobile payment options, and much, much more… all from a single stylish tap. Coffee quality is at the forefront of this pioneering design and the TopBrewer has been set up to deliver the perfect espresso using 20kg of tamping, pre-infusion and 9 bars of pump pressure. This is fresh, bean-to-cup coffee literally turned upside down. No more large cumbersome coffee machine on the counter blocking eye contact between you and your customer; the TopBrewer gives you the freedom to engage and interact with your customers in a whole new way. With mobile payment on the rise, TopBrewer allows your customers to select, personalise and pay for their coffee in one seamless coffee universe in three simple steps: Connect - Customise - Brew.

TopBrewer 45 sec




Barista service, self service or ‘to go’?

TopBrewer is the versatile coffee solution that makes the impossible possible; your customers can select, personalise, and even pay for their coffee using the award-winning TopBrewer app. TopBrewer gives you the freedom to engage and interact with your customers in a whole new way to suit your style of service. Looking for a self-service solution? A self contained TopBrewer unit is a great way to create a fast-paced and intuitive coffee station, allowing customers to order and pay for their coffee straight from their smartphone and avoid the queues. Barista service? No problem, your baristas will have great fun customising drinks for their customers knowing that they can deliver a first class coffee every time.


A wide drinks selection

A single TopBrewer can deliver a wide range of authentic fresh drinks including, caffe latte, cappuccino, americano, filter coffee, hot chocolate, hot water for tea, and even chilled still & sparkling water. There is no compromise on coffee quality - water is heated from fresh for every cup, whilst fresh milk is steamed and frothed to a silky smooth texture by the smallest milk foamer in the world. A separate TopJuicer provides a variety of fresh juices on tap and creates a stunning uniform look.


Take the fuss out of cleaning

TopBrewer cleans itself automatically throughout the day by flushing the milk lines after each drink. This is done internally so is completely invisible to you and your customers, you won't even realise it is happening. Not only does this shorten the daily cleaning routine for staff at the end of their shift but it also means that no harsh cleaning chemicals are required to remove milk residues. Water is flash heated for each drink making it much more energy efficient than other bean-to-cup systems and no annual boiler inspections are required to reduce lifecycle costs.






Welcome to the future of coffee for foodservice and retail…

  • ✓ Fresh artisan coffee on tap
  • ✓ Streamlined bar environment
  • ✓ Personalised and intuitive user experience
  • ✓ Service-oriented solution
  • ✓ Automated for speed of service
  • ✓ Self-cleaning hygienic system
  • ✓ Advanced technology: app-control, iBeacon, mobile payment, regular updates

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