Internet of Coffee

Realtime enterprise level control

CoffeeCloud is the world’s most advanced cloud management system for coffee machines – with state-of-the-art real-time data for your organisation. See live data direct from each unit and use the analytics tool to deep-dive into various data points. Make informed decisions on ordering and get a range of insights such as drink counts, cleaning reports, fault reports and much more. You can push out in-app adjustments to all your TopBrewer coffee machines at the click of a button.

Available as an app for all platforms, CoffeeCloud gives you access to key data metrics and diagnostics at a glimpse on the dashboard, allowing you to work smarter and faster throughout the organisation.

CoffeeCloud has multiple user levels, allowing for versatile management. With cross-device compatibility, you can access CoffeeCloud on a smartphone, tablet or PC, for real-time insights at your fingertips.

Simple tasks like refilling the machine are sent as notifications directly to the responsible person’s smart device. Receive diagnostic reports and address error reporting from within the CoffeeCloud. It will change how you run your business – and the entire landscape of coffee machine operation.

CoffeeCloud by Scanomat

Technology is in the core when we develop our machines with vertical integrations.

Frederik Vibe-Petersen, Head of Business Development - Scanomat

CoffeeCloud benefits

TopBrewer Personal order control

Order control

See exactly what is being consumed and when. Reduce waste and make sure you alway have the beans and milk products that people actually want available.

Realtime monitoring

We engineered the CoffeeCloud to be a truly real-time system. Data gets pushed out within a second, so that you get instant information on consumption and are made aware of incidents as they occur.


Set the CoffeeCloud to alert you when specific events occur by sending out email notifications. Create your own business rules, and become pro-active within your organisation.

In-app support

Diagnostics and error reporting are available in real-time allowing you to make relevant machine adjustments or contact your BrewHub technician for advice – directly from the app.