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The Breakout Area Phenomenon: Driving Demand for Premium Coffee in the Workplace

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Desks are getting smaller but the office footprint isn’t shrinking, instead businesses are moving away from conventional office design in favour of creating more inviting and flexible workspaces that foster collaboration and provide an escape from the traditional desk.

As breakout areas become more popular in the workspace across all sectors (not just tech companies), so too does the demand for premium barista-quality beverages and other enticing refreshments, giving the much sought-after millennial generation little reason to leave the office.


Integrating coffee into workspace design

"Workplace happiness focuses around coffee, food and water, and this is changing the design of work environments across the globe," said Todd Heiser, a principal of global architecture firm Gensler, in a recent discussion of “The Workplace Café of Today” at the National Automatic Merchandising Association's Coffee, Tea and Water conference.

With major architect’s, such as Gensler, recognising the importance of specifying premium refreshment solutions to boost employee wellbeing and enhance design, there is an opportunity for architects, interior designers and refreshment providers to work in partnership to provide a much more cohesive service that meets the end client’s wider business objectives - not just to simply provide a means to an end.

Architects and designers are involved in all aspects of workspace design and rely on expert partners in their respective fields to provide the necessary tools and advice to their end clients, whether that’s furniture, air conditioning, technology or any other aspect of the overall office design. So why should beverages and refreshments be any different?

It is evident that the refreshment needs in the office are becoming more complex and strategic, and where a kettle in the office kitchen used to suffice, businesses are starting to realise that providing a premium office coffee machine can have many benefits in terms of productivity, ‘bump’ opportunities, talent retention and general employee happiness.


Luxury coffee top of the office perks

To coffee aficionados it may be unsurprising that a recent survey by London Offices (specialists in handpicking office space for businesses) concluded that a ‘luxury coffee maker’ was the most wanted item in a survey of London office workers, with nearly 90% of respondents including it in their dream office.

It’s pretty astounding to think that something so simple as a premium coffee machine can top the polls as one of the highest valued office perks, particularly amongst millennials, but still coffee is often an afterthought in office design, meaning that staff are much more likely to head out to the High Street to get their premium coffee fix.


Working in partnership: Top coffee for top offices

At Scanomat we believe that premium coffee solutions providers, like ourselves, are the experts in our field and are therefore best placed to advise where coffee machines should be strategically placed around the workplace in order to maximise productivity and collaboration, as well as advising on all the important technical requirements such as space provision, electrical requirements and drainage.

We are already building strategic partnerships with a selection of architects, interior designers, furniture suppliers and office fit-out specialists to integrate our units into office design projects right from the start. In many cases we are able to influence the design to maximise the benefit the TopBrewer can bring to a space, often bringing coffee into a central refreshments island as opposed to being hidden behind a wall. We believe this flexibility and creativity stands us apart in helping our partners to create a much more sociable and collaborative environment in the workplace.


Recent Case Studies

Fourfront Group


We worked with Fourfront Group when they moved into their new London office. The brief for the new workspace was to facilitate a range of agile working environments that would foster new ways of working, enable productivity and support collaboration, whilst reflecting the needs and values of the brands.

“As leaders in workspace design we are always keen to align ourselves with cutting-edge products and technology. After seeing the TopBrewer at a client’s premises we were very impressed by the stylish look and quality of the product. It is evident that the TopBrewer is becoming the ‘must-have’ coffee machine for the modern workspace so it was a natural choice for our offices.” Oliver Hammond, Strategic Accounts Director, Fourfront Group

Fourfront group designed a large island unit with an integrated TopBrewer to enhance the social experience in their breakout space called 'The Larder'. A second TopBrewer is integrated into the storage wall next to their Innovation Room to provide a self-sufficient and space-saving refreshment point for staff and client’s.



Blue Frontier


We worked with Westcountry Group to create the perfect 'pit-stop' for digital development agency, Blue Frontier. The brief for the new office was to create a dynamic and fun environment to impress clients and to attract and retain top talent.

"What was a bland teapoint under the stairs has been transformed into a warm, welcoming, fun ‘pit stop’ for clients and employees, after ‘coming off the mountains’, inside from reception, to fuel up and refresh before moving on into the offices/meeting areas.  The bar area is a really important space that everyone moves through, in which the TopBrewer machine provides the perfect connection between cutting edge technology, people and communication.” Zoë Mitchell, Westcountry Group

To keep the theme congruent, Westcountry Group sourced a reclaimed TATA truck front for the bar unit, into which the TopBrewer is installed. 



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