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Bean to cup

Nul watt på standby.

Zero watt at standby. New technology ensures that the brewer switches to standby when it is not active. At the touch of one of the selection buttons the brewer becomes active and ready to brew within 45 seconds.

A superb cup of coffee is the result of the best of ingredients: freshly grinded top quality coffee beans, precise grinding, and correct tamper pressure as well as correct water pressure.

Fresh milk? The Venezia II is available with our patented milk system which adjusts the milk foam to the coffee drink selected. The Scanomatic milk clean system flushes all hoses with clean water after each cup ensuring freshness and excellent hygiene.

We only use the best quality components when we manufacture the Scanomat Venezia II.

Technical specification

Coffee Beans 2600 g
Chocolate 2600 g / 1300 g
Milk 2000 g / 1000 g
Hot water for tea Yes
Cold water Optional
Cups per hour 120
Clean function Ja
Brew chambers 1
Electrical connections 230 / 400V
Power consumption 2300-8400 Watt
Dimensions W 320 mm x H: 695 mm x D: 520 mm