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The office coffee scene: Why it is vital to serve premium coffee in ALL areas of the workplace

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As experts in office coffee, we don’t believe in reserving the best coffee for executive lounges and VIP visitor areas. Instead, a consistent approach to coffee in all areas of the workplace can help to improve productivity and boost staff morale. In this blog, we explore the different areas of the office where it is important to serve premium coffee for staff and visitors.

From a workplace design perspective, tea points and break-out areas are an important consideration and should be viewed as a strategic part of the overall office layout. An article titled ‘Workplaces that Move People’ in the Harvard Business Review suggests that strategic coffee machines can improve communication, accelerate decision-making, boost creativity and even increase sales performance.

There is also evidence to suggest that providing premium coffee in the workplace can have a positive impact on the happiness and wellbeing of employees, not to mention the many potential health benefits.

As a nation of coffee connoisseurs we have come to expect good quality coffee wherever we go, and a premium coffee scene at work is viewed by many employees as a genuine office perk. Serving gourmet coffee in the workplace can also help to keep staff on-site rather than feeling the temptation to head out to the High Street to grab a hot drink from their favourite coffee chain. In fact, coffee is such a vital part of the office that it can even help to attract and retain the best talent.

From a visitor perspective, the hospitality experience can set the right impression from the outset. Serving ‘speciality’ grade coffee from a state-of-the-art machine will show that your business appreciates good quality products and values it’s guests and staff.

There are a number of areas of the business where it is vital to deliver a consistent, premium coffee experience to employees and visitors.


Tea Points

The basic function of the traditional office tea point is to provide a convenient place where employees can grab a refreshing drink to enjoy at their desks. However, studies suggest that, if strategically positioned, tea points can actually help to encourage spontaneous interaction between departments and boost idea generation. The quality of the drinks in these areas can sometimes be overlooked as an office commodity, and therefore be lower quality, but this is not a good idea if you want to encourage the creative juices to flow around the tea point.


Breakout Areas

The breakout area is an extremely important part of the modern workplace and provides a comfortable space for staff to work in a more relaxed, informal environment and hold impromptu meetings with colleagues. A premium coffee solution is vital in these areas to act as an anchor point in the space and encourage employees to use the space effectively for collaborative working.  A stylish, design-led coffee machine can also become a focal point of the environment.





The reception area is a shop window for your business and needs to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Little touches can give clients the ‘wow factor’ and a positive experience of your business. A state-of-the-art, self-service coffee machine will allow guests to help themselves to premium drinks and also act as an ice-breaker for the host or receptionist.


Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are essential for holding private and confidential meetings, especially as open-plan offices are becoming the norm. Often jugs of filter coffee are served to delegates for convenience, but this is not always the freshest coffee option. Stale coffee will leave a poor impression on clients attending your meeting. Instead, a bean-to-cup or filter coffee machine can be fitted inside larger meeting rooms for guests to help themselves, or a communal coffee break area is a good option for a cluster of smaller meeting rooms.


Staff Canteen

The food in staff canteens has improved drastically in recent times and many staff cafes offer gourmet meals at very reasonable prices to compete with the High Street restaurant chains and sandwich bars. The same quality needs to be applied to coffee in the canteen, with a fresh coffee offer to keep staff happy. The staff canteen also serves as an informal meeting area in many businesses, so fresh coffee availability throughout the day is a must.


Providing staff and guests with a consistent coffee experience at every touch point around the workplace is key. That way, they can always expect a premium beverage wherever they happen to be in the office. Having the same coffee machine throughout the office will also provide a better user experience as staff will know exactly how to use it and look after it.



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