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Our AMOKKA coffee range has had a makeover!

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It is our best kept secret that we source and roast a premium range of specialty grade coffees at our in-house AMOKKA Coffee Roasters! Over the last few months we have been very busy working on an exciting new rebrand to spice up our entire AMOKKA range and we are thrilled to be launching it to our customers.

Our philosophy is to build direct-trade relationships with coffee farmers around the world and to seek out the best quality coffee beans from hard to reach places. At AMOKKA Coffee Roasters, we micro-roast our coffee beans to perfection and ship them around the world to our customers. Aside from the funky new design, featuring our iconic AMOKKA lady, the packaging has been designed with a number of exciting new features.


Improved freshness

As part of AMOKKA’s heritage, we only ever roast small batches of coffee at a time to maintain optimum freshness for our customers.  We believe fresh is best, and our new packaging has been designed with less CO2 consumption for optimum flavour and freshness.

Visible coffee beans

A striking feature of the new AMOKKA packaging is that you can actually see the coffee beans through ‘windows’ in the front and side of the packaging. This feature symbolises the transparent way in which we operate and enables our customers to see the freshness of the beans for themselves before they open the coffee bag. The new AMOKKA range has been designed to be on display and looks excellent on show in coffee shops and cafes.



Taste-profile information

Each coffee has a unique label which perfectly describes the taste profile of the coffee. Designed to be simple and clear, each label gives information on the origins, flavour, blend, notes and strength of the coffee. This information allows you to make an informed choice about which coffee you most prefer

Unique personality

Coffee is a natural product and can vary greatly depending on many external factors. We believe that each coffee is different and with that in mind we have given each of our coffees in the AMOKKA range a distinct personality to match its origins and taste profile. From ‘The Goddess’ to ‘The Real Italian’ to ‘The Mysterious’ we have a coffee to suit every preference!



Tactile texture

Coffee is all about the senses… see, hear, taste, smell, and now touch… Our new AMOKKA packaging has been designed with your senses in mind and has a surprisingly tactile surface that has a soft, paper-like feel.. We just can’t stop stroking it!

More environmentally-friendly

We have designed the new packaging to contain no aluminium which is a much more environmentally-friendly solution.



Contact us to find out more about our AMOKKA coffee range.