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5 ways to exceed your customer's coffee expectations

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In an increasingly competitive hot beverage market it is crucial for caterers to innovate their coffee offer. Here are our top tips for impressing your customers and standing out from the crowd with the beautiful art of coffee and everything that comes with it.


Never compromise on coffee quality.

First things first - lets start with the coffee. In today’s crowded market, the coffee you serve must be nothing less than speciality. “Speciality coffee” is achieved by scoring 80 points or more on the SCAE/SCAA scale and is distinguished by the special conditions under which the coffee is grown. However, even speciality coffee must be treated with the upmost respect; water quality, barista training and coffee brewing equipment can all have a direct impact on the overall drink quality.


Deliver a memorable experience.

From a customer perspective it is all about delivering a memorable experience - not just a cup of coffee. To get ahead, caterers must seek to differentiate the customer experience through technology, the environment and the way the drinks are served. Don’t be afraid to do things differently and always keep the customer experience at the heart of everything you do.



Personalisation is a growing trend - particularly amongst younger consumers. Millennials are renowned for knowing what they want and how they want it and offering customers the choice to personalise their hot beverages can be a big differentiator. The TopBrewer is the first bean-to-cup coffee machine to deliver a truly customisable, premium coffee experience and for the first time consumers can be their own barista and create their perfect drink.


Embrace new technologies.

Technology is set to disrupt the catering world for the better so it is important that caterers are ready to adopt the latest trends to keep up with momentum. Mobile payment is a technology which is set to increase massively over the next few years. As coffee is a relatively low value item it makes sense that it will be one of the first things that consumers will start to purchase with their mobiles. The ability to pay for food and drink items with a smartphone will offer a massive benefit to busy on-the-go consumers and will make transactions much more seamless.  We have enabled the TopBrewer for mobile payment allowing customers to select, customise and pay for their drinks in one seamless transaction. iBeacon is another growing technology which will empower caterers to attract customers and build loyalty. iBeacon is a really interesting technology and has the potential to be a very powerful tool for caterers. iBeacon allows caterers to send messages and special offers direct to consumers smartphones when they are within a certain proximity of the premises.


Know where your coffee comes from.

Sustainable coffee sourcing is definitely becoming the norm, but consumers are increasingly starting to look beyond the ethical labels. It is important to do your research and decide what you stand for when it comes to coffee. From there, you can choose a coffee supplier that matches your standards and beliefs. It is imperative to know the background of your coffee story and you should be able to rely on your coffee supplier to provide the information in a consumer friendly way, then it is up to you to relay that message to your customers in a meaningful manner that is true to your values. At Scanomat, we are extremely proud that over 90% of our coffee beans are Direct-Trade which means that we have built up direct relationships with coffee farmers to ensure the quality, transparency and sustainable nature of our coffee.  For us, this approach resonates really well with consumers to meet their growing expectations.