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Did you know that the amount of coffee you drink could have something to do with your DNA? A new study by Edinburgh University has identified that your genes can have a direct impact on your coffee consumption.

According to the new report, people who possess a specific gene called PDSS2 usually drink less coffee than those without the gene. This is because the gene reduces the ability for the body to breakdown caffeine and therefore means you need less coffee to get your caffeine boost.

Researchers surveyed over 1200 people in Italy and found that those without the gene PDSS2 drank an average of one extra cup of coffee per day.

These results back up previous studies which show links between genetics and coffee consumption, although larger studies are needed to confirm the findings.


So next time you feel a craving for coffee it could be down to your DNA!


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With technology moving at an increasingly fast pace, hotels and conference venues should look at ways to enhance the overall guest experience, from a digital perspective, in order to stay ahead of the competition. In our latest blog we focus on the digital technology trends that are set to revolutionise the guest experience.

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The internet of things, or IoT, as it is affectionately known as in the tech community, is a hot topic at the moment.  Smart devices and apps have the potential to enhance your life, make your home or workplace more efficient and keep you safe.  Below we look at a selection of IoT product areas that are already available on the market and could potentially change your world for good.

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